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People need an efficient thermometer for the simplest tasks, but finding the right company that makes the most accurate tools is hard. However, Taylor Precision can be trusted to provide you with the best thermometers.

It has been in the business for about 165 years. The amount of time it has spent in the industry while remaining popular proves its credibility.

Why Do You Need Thermometers in the Kitchen?

Thermometers are one of the most important tools in your kitchen. Keeping track of your food’s temperature helps you prepare some of the most delicious foods possible. Keeping this in mind, Taylor Precision has launched several thermometers over the years. Following is a list of some of its best thermometers with their pros and cons.


Taylor Precision Products Splash-Proof Infrared/Thermocouple Thermometer

The temperature range of this particular thermometer goes from -67 to 482 degrees Fahrenheit if you are using the infrared version. Otherwise, its maximum range can go up to 626 degrees Fahrenheit.

Two Methods of Measuring Temperature

There are two methods to measure temperature with this thermometer as it has infrared as well as probes installed in it. No matter which method you choose, you are sure to get the most accurate reading.

Power Saver

The system automatically shuts down to save power if your thermometer is left on for too long. Furthermore, it uses 2 AAA batteries to deliver maximum efficiency.


  • This thermometer is designed for kitchen use, so it is splash-proof.
  • The stainless steel stem of the probe is at least 5 inches long, which enables it to measure the temperature of any kind of food item efficiently.


  • People may find it difficult to purchase this thermometer because of its high cost.


Taylor Commercial Waterproof Digital Cooking Thermometer

If you are not familiar with Fahrenheit and this Taylor Commercial waterproof digital cooking thermometer is displaying the temperature in Fahrenheit, you can easily change it to Celsius. Just go to its settings and change the unit preference; no math involved!

It is important that we mention the temperature range of this product here as it starts from -40 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit or -40 to 230 degrees Celsius.

Power Retainer

You don’t have to worry about turning off this thermometer as it is designed with a power saving concept. Thus, even if you leave it on for a long time, it will automatically shut off after a certain period.

Easy to Use

We cannot emphasize enough how easy it is to use this thermometer for professionals and amateurs alike.


  • While using thermometers, it is important that you keep them clean to avoid any unsanitary situations. Keeping this in mind, Taylor Precision has provided an anti-microbial sleeve and pocket.
  • It measures a wide range of temperature.
  • The display can be seen from any angle.


  • You cannot use this thermometer to measure the temperature of a liquid without causing any accidents.


Taylor Compact Waterproof Digital Pen Thermometer

This compact pen thermometer from Taylor Precision is truly designed for practical work with its pen-like structure. You don’t have to worry about dropping it in the water either as it is completely waterproof.

Probe Efficiency

The probe attached to its body is long and is made from stainless steel. Furthermore, it doesn’t have a large diameter, so it will not leave large holes in your food after you are done taking its temperature.

Easy to Read

The simple pen design of this thermometer is truly efficient as it comes with a large, easy-to-read LCD. You don’t have to squint and look for better lighting while reading the temperature.


  • Unlike several other thermometers, this one has been tested by professionals and has an NSF certification to prove that.
  • It is waterproof.


  • The simple design of this thermometer might deter you from buying it.
  • In terms of function, it has nothing elaborate to offer.


Taylor Precision Products Digital Cooking Thermometer with Probe and Timer

With the help of this thermometer, you can measure the temperature of anything, from the inside of an oven to a smoker. Plus, its wired probe allows it to measure any food’s temperature efficiently.

Power Supply

This particular thermometer functions with the help of 2 AAA batteries that work to conserve its power as well as provide you with the most efficient service.


It is necessary to know that this product comes with a timer that helps you during your cooking

Safety and Protection

This thermometer is made from quality materials that cannot be easily broken. For instance, the stainless steel probe of this thermometer is protected by 4-foot silicon cords.


  • It comes with adjustable clips and magnets to help you stick your thermometer wherever you want.
  • The stainless steel probe is one of the key tools to measure the temperature for anything. The probe included in this thermometer is the most efficient.


  • There is a small chance that this product won’t be able to give accurate reading of a food if not inserted properly.


Taylor Precision Products Digital Thermometer with LED Readout

The unique pen style of this thermometer is simple but still stands out among many other food thermometers.

It has a large LCD that covers the entire handle whose reading can easily be read in just one glance. The red digits on the LED are hard to miss.


As for its durability, NSF itself has approved it and it comes with a certification.

Power Saver

This particular model of Taylor Precision is run by 2 lithium batteries. Almost all these thermometers are designed to save power by shutting down automatically.


  • Though it is just a simple pen-style thermometer, it can perform advanced functions like any other thermometer.
  • One of the biggest advantages of this product is that it is tested and verified by NSF.


  • This product is just too simple that chefs and professionals may not find it interesting enough to use for a long time.


Taylor Precision Products Digital Instant Read Pocket Thermometer

Just like all the other thermometers, the Instant Read Pocket Thermometer has a wide range that will help you cook all kinds of food. Its temperature range goes from 58 to 302 degrees Fahrenheit.

LCD Display

The body of this thermometer is different from the ones mentioned above. It has a round LCD and attached to this LCD is a long probe that helps measure the temperature. The LCD display is 1/3 inch in diameter.

Portable Convenience

Since the size of this thermometer is small, it can be easily carried from one place to another. That is why Taylor Precision has included a storage case for safe travel.


  • It uses a 1.5-volt power battery that is quite inexpensive.
  • It is important to mention that despite having such an inexpensive battery, the thermometer is designed in such a way that it will turn off automatically to conserve power.
  • The stainless steel is designed to be temperature sensitive whenever it comes to food.


  • The simplicity of this product might put off some cooks as they prefer digital and advanced functionalities in their thermometers.


Taylor Precision Products Classic Line Candy Thermometer

Candy thermometer that has been made from durable glass and is just like the old-school thermometers. It is perfect if you like vintage stuff or want a hit of nostalgia whenever you cook.

Traditional Temperature Scale

As we’ve mentioned above, the design is old-school, so there is no LCD screen either. Therefore, you will have to get the temperature reading through the liquid moving up and down the scale’s cavity.

Usability and Convenience

This thermometer is particularly used for measuring liquid as it comes with clippings to hang it in any pot and pan.


  • It is a simple but important tool for measuring the temperature of liquid materials like candy, jam and jelly.
  • It is designed in such a way that it can be easily hanged over any pot and pan to measure the temperature of the liquid in it.
  • If you are not a fan of technology and prefer the old-school method of reading the thermometer, you’ve found just the right thermometer for you. The temperature can be noted down by the movement of the liquid in the scale.
  • It gives precise measurements and you can rectify your readings for human error.


  • Not all users are keen on doing things manually.
  • The chances of human error when reading the temperature are higher. Hence, it requires a lot of time to correctly take one simple reading.
  • The chances of disaster such as pots or pan toppling over are high.


The list mentioned above has been carefully curated for all kinds of people with different preferences. You can find every kind of thermometer in this list that can cater to your special needs. From a simple liquid thermometer to the highly advanced and digital thermometers, you can pick any one according to your culinary requirements and preferences.