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Whether you’re dealing with a baby or an adult, these baby thermometers can offer a variety of advantages to help your screaming toddler get better. And although every baby and child is different, there are a variety of options available to tend to every personality:

Non Contact Thermometer – These thermometers are non-invasive, and can get pretty accurate readings without having to touch the child.
Ear Thermometers – These types use a small probe that enters into the ear canal.  The tip of the probe then measures the thermal radiation to compute the individual’s body temperature.
Forehead Thermometers – These units are similar to the ear thermometers, but the use a flat orb that presses against the forehead.
Oral Thermometers – these are more traditional, but can offer acceptable results.  They are typically less expensive, but will require more sanitation.
Rectal Thermometers – these thermometers are going to provide the most accurate results.  However, it may also forever alter your relationship with your son or daughter.

But check out these top performing child and baby thermometers to see which one will best suit your baby or child.

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