CDN wireless probe thermometer & timer review

CDN wireless probe thermometer & timer review

We’re reviewing the CDN WT2 Wireless Probe Thermometer And Timer. How many times you you thrown an unfamiliar meat on the skillet, only to wait for 15 minutes, and scratch your head, wondering if it was done? I’ve done this numerous times (especially with fish), and have stared aimlessly at the meat, as is sizzles and steams, wondering if the meat’s internal temperature has reached the save level for consumption.

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CND wireless probe thermometer review

CDN WT2 Wireless Probe Thermometer and Timer
  • Remote monitoring up to 100-foot away or direct
  • 6-Inch; 15-cm, 2-cm probe with 39-inch or 1-metre high heat sensor cable; heat resistant up to 500-degree farenheit or 260-degree centigrade
  • Pre-programmed and programmable settings for different meats and tastes
  • Big digit and backlit for low light conditions; distinct audio or vibrate alerts
  • Base: 2 AAA batteries included remote: 2 AA batteries included; 5-year warranty

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We at Hot Thermometer love a practical cook device. And the beauty of the CDN wireless probe thermometer is that it offers a 6″, heat resistant probe that can penetrate any type of meat composition. But it also comes with pre-programmed temperature settings. So when the thermometer reaches the desired temperature range, it will alert you with an ear piercing squeal that will make you think your rump roast just rose from the dead.



But just in case you have forgotten what the ideal temperatures are for each choice of meat, here’s a quick run down that should educate you faster than a hot diaper:

  • Pork’s Internal Temperature: 160 degrees F. and above
  • Chicken’s Internal Temperature: 160 to 165 degrees F.
  • Beef’s Internal Temperature: 160 degrees F and above
  • Salmon’s Internal Temperature: 130 to 135 degrees F.

But there’s more than just some fancy code that makes the CDN thermometer an interesting tool in the kitchen. There’s an easy interface that allows the users to receive the information they’re looking for. With it’s well defined buttons, users will have an easy time selecting informing the unit which meat they are planning to cook. This is a key feature. Many wireless thermometers have cumbersome interfaces that make it difficult for the end user. Imagine trying to cook a trout to 135 degrees F, but the interface won’t relay from the beef setting.  Talk about ruining a good meal before it starts!

So the CDN Wireless thermometer avoids the headache, by making the interface fruitful with options. And choosing which meat you plan on cook is easy, so that you can rest easy knowing that you will have the appropriate internal temperature for your meal.

But it’s also not just limited to fillets of meat. It can also be used in a deep fryer. The probe can tolerate temperatures as high as 500 degrees F. So if you’re trying to deep fry a hunk of alpaca, then you can keep your cooking nerves at bay when you probe the boiling hot oil. But be foreward; the wire cannot be submerged in boiling hot oil.  So as long as you don’t allow it to enter the boil grease of death, your thermometer unit will still continue to function.


Wireless, Baby

And as the title implies, this unit is indeed wireless. And since you’ve probably never been around a wireless thermometer before, you’re not exactly sure of what the implicit advantages are for using it. But if you can imagine yourself trying to conduct an activity in a neighboring room, or adjacent area of your home, then a wireless thermometer would be a perfect tool for that given scenario.

You could be folding laundry. Or you could be trying to quickly mow the lawn. Or any other household chore could be holding your interest. But nevertheless, this wireless thermometer can be strapped to your side, and hugging your pocket. And when the meat hits that magic number, you’ll be instantly alerted so you can rush back into the kitchen before you meal burns.

So the advantages are fairly obvious.  However, the CDN thermometer doesn’t come without its problems. As it’s 3.5 star rating has been balanced with the good and the bad.


  • Remote Monitoring Ranging to 100′
  • 6″ heat resistant probe for meat plunging
  • Pro-Programmable for Different Settings


  • Display doesn’t show wireless result
  • Some indicate probe brakes down

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And Here’s Your Problems

Although most users have had an exceptional experience. There have been minor reports of the display lacking the actual temperature reading.  So the device will alert you when the probe has reached its programmed temperature. However, for those that like to keep a close eye on the events surrounding our lives, a sudden beep won’t suffice. And not getting an actual temperature reading can certainly be discouraging when trying to watch the temperature rise.

And if you’re an Android user, then you might have some bad luck being stuck with a buggy app. Reports have indicated that Android phone users have poor experience with their app. Readings have been buggy, causing a poor wireless experience.

However, the same sentiment was not shared with Apple’s app. So if you’re an Apple user, you should be able to experience CDN’s wireless thermometer fairly seamlessly.

But in conclusion, if you’re searching for a wireless food thermometer, the CDN wireless probe thermometer is an excellent starting point. It’s 6 inch probe makes it versatile and very practical with a variety of meats. And as long as you’re an Apple user, the app function can be very useful for anyone trying to multitask.

So whether you’re searching for a meat thermometer, or a barbecue thermometer, or any type of thermometer that can assist you with cooking, this is the one of the top performing thermometers that will help you create that mean tasting cuisine so you can impress your friends, family, and ultimately your self.

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