Digihandy digital cooking thermometer will outperform your finger (review)

Digihandy digital cooking thermometer review

Stick this fork in it and you’ve got the exact temperature of your grilling meat, that’s the magic of the Digihandy.

This Digihandy digital cooking thermometer is packed full of some of the best features you’ll see anywhere, and the cost is almost negligible for all but the most meager of budgets.


Digihandy digital cooking thermometer review

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The best part about this one is in its unique function. You stick it in the meat and it tells you the temperature, which is both amazingly simple and convenient. While it’s use might seem limited to outdoor grilling, you’ll quickly find that it can be useful for large roasts in the oven as well.

Stick the batteries in it, switch it to Celsius or Fahrenheit, and then find a piece of meat that’s cooking. With a little bit of thought, you’ll easily see why the simple convenience of the thing can beat out a lot of products which might have some extra features.

Speaking of features, it’s not short on those either. The Digihandy comes in with six different modes, and it’ll give you an alarm when your meat is at the desired temperature for your tastes. There’s a whole lot to recommend here, and if you give it a shot you might just fall in love.

Whatever meat you might be grilling, you’ll find that you can easily set the alarm right where it needs to be.

It’s powered by a couple of AAA batteries, which are easy to find in nearly any store you might encounter. Once it runs out of juice, you won’t have to worry about finding specialized batteries, or even charging, you can simply slip them in and you’re good to go.

There’s even a heat resisting layer between the stainless steel, forked probes, and the plastic body of the thermometer. You can’t go in too deep and accidentally damage your Digihandy. It simply won’t keep going in.

The large and easy to read temperature display is just a backlit LCD screen, meaning it’s both simple to read and you can make sure that you get the right reading during those night time grillfests.

It will read a variety of meats easily. You can set them at rare, medium-rare, medium, and well done. Obviously, however, you can’t get rare chicken. If you want salmonella, you’ll have to do it without the help of this awesome forked thermometer.

It also comes with a full year warranty. Overall, it might be the perfect choice for barbecue enthusiasts.

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The Bad Stuff

Unfortunately, nothing is ever truly perfect and the Digihandy does have a couple of flaws which will make some balk.

The main thing that most people will find to complain about with it is the fact that it’s a bit slow. While they claim an instant read that simply isn’t the case. This can be something of a bummer, since you’ll need to stick it in for a while to get your reading.

This is especially important if you’re an oven-enthusiast, as the simple plastic body won’t take well to extended periods of 400°F temperatures which can result in some damage.

It’s also, sadly, not strong enough to be used as a barbecue fork on its own. While you might be able to flip a steak with it, if you were envisioning using it as a barbecue fork and thermometer while handling tri-tip you should disabuse yourself of this notion. You might pull off this neat trick once or twice, but you’re not going to be happy with the eventual results.

It’s also a little bit thick for some people’s hands. That’s a minor quibble… unless your Digihandy ends up in the fire below. We doubt the warranty will cover that one.

Lastly, you do actually have to stick it in. Some people will simply prefer a wireless thermometer with stick-and-forget probes.


  • 6 Cooking Modes For Experienced Chefs
  • Stainless Steel Prongs
  • Comes with Life-Time Moneyback Guarantee


  • Can be a little slow with temp readings
  • Not strong enough to be used as BBQ fork

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While it’s not truly a perfect tool, the Digihandy is something that should proudly adorn the home of most fans of barbecue. You might be good, but a meat thermometer is almost always going to give a more accurate reading than whatever test you’re going for and the Digihandy stands out.

It’s simple to use, has a variety of settings and features, and it’s a dang good thing to have hanging around the grill. It isn’t ideal for large roasts and other oven pieces, but for those who truly love the ‘cue it’s an amazing tool to enable delicious meats with minimal fuss.

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