Dr. Madre digital infrared forehead thermometer (Non-contact & accurate results)

Dr. Madre digital infrared forehead thermometer

The Dr. Madre digital infrared forehead thermometer is another of the additions to the new generation of thermometers.

Non-contact baby thermometers are all the rage right now, and for good reason. They’re quite accurate if used properly and they can make short work of what is traditionally an involved task: taking children’s temperatures.

Let’s break it down and see if this is the choice you should make out of the many currently available on the market.


Dr. Madre Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Review

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The main draw of the Dr. Madre is undoubtedly the vocal readings that issue from it to inform you of the temperature reading you’ve just made. True to the Spanglish name, it can give you a reading in either English or Spanish. You can use it without the voice too, in order to avoid waking a sleeping child.

The baby forehead thermometer can take a temperature in around a second, which makes it ideal for quick readings on squirming kids. It can also record the last twelve temperatures it’s taken, so you can easily see whether things are improving or getting worse and make a decision based upon that information. A similar model could be the Dr. Meter FT376 medical forehead thermometer.

Being able to keep track of temperatures over a period of time is a fairly new development in the thermometer for body temperature world, and it’s extremely useful as long as you make sure that each reading is super accurate.

It comes with a clear backlight and an easy to read LCD display, you’ll never have to be in doubt of your reading or carry the device into another room in order to read it accurately. This is particularly useful for those who are taking a reading on a sleeping infant or toddler who will undoubtedly be cranky if awoken.

The user manual is laminated, to keep it from getting messed up, and comes in both English and Spanish. This one is clearly marketed towards North America and they’ve done a great job of it.

Like most thermometers of its type, it can also be used to measure the temperature on other things. You can check a room’s temperature, the heat of formula or bathwater(check best baby bath thermometer reviews), or whatever else you may need to take a closer look at. This extra utility is sure to come in handy if you utilize it creatively.

It will read temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit depending on your personal preference, and can be changed back and forth with an easy press of a button.

It also comes with a thirty day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you can return it and get a refund without any hassle. Keep that in mind if you choose to go with this one, since it’s definitely not perfect.

On top of the money-back guarantee, the thermometer also comes with a two-year warranty so you’ll be able to stay protected from any kind of manufacturer’s defects which may have occurred. It’s a good move, showing that the company stands by their product at the end of the day.


Pros & Cons


  • Pro: Non-contact makes it easy for fussy children
  • Pro: Get Instant Results in Less than 1 second
  • Pro: Comes with 2 year warrenty


  • Cons: Some reviewers have reported inaccurate readings

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The Bad Stuff

The Dr. Madre isn’t perfect, however. The first thing you’ll notice if you’re into comparison shopping is that it lacks a lot of the advanced features which are available with most non-contact thermometers and the price point really isn’t significantly lower.

You’ll also notice that it’s quite smooth, without any kind of rubberized grip that would allow you to maintain a firm hold on it. This isn’t a big deal if your child is the only one sick, but if you’re running a fever as well it’ll make things harder to deal with as your palms sweat and slip on it.

It suffers from some problems in accuracy as well like Innovo Medical digital forehead and ear thermometer and others. It’s good enough to give you a general range but in very young children it’s often imperative to know things to a tenth of a degree. A minor variation can result in an unnecessary hospital visit or missing a necessary one.

To a large degree the accuracy problems can be attributed to user error, but even then there’s a bit too much variation to allow this thermometer to be the final say when it comes time to decide upon an action. For the best reading, you’ll need to make sure that the person who’s temperature is being read has a clean and dry forehead due to the way IR thermometers read.

Another flaw in its design emerges with the noise it makes. You can turn off the voice, but it still makes a beep which is loud enough to wake a small child and there’s no volume control.


Overall Conclusion

It’s definitely not the best out there and frankly you can probably get a lot more for your money than going with the Dr. Madre. It’s still a reasonable product, however, and if you’re attracted to the bilingual capabilities and are willing to overlook the lack of advanced features it’s worth a shot.

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