Generation Guard clinical ear and forehead thermometer review

Generation Guard clinical ear and forehead thermometer review

Generation Guard has developed a personable reputation in the field of children thermometers. Not only do their thermometers offer a fun appearance, but they are very user-friendly as well. But most importantly, beyond their aesthetics and easy-to-use nature, they also provide that accuracy that hospitals, moms, and every other type of caregiver deserves. The Generation Guard clinical ear and forehead thermometer is certainly reputable in that arena.

The back light screen makes it easier to get temperature readings off sick children that are sleeping. And their fever alert monitor lets you know just how hot or cold your child’s temperature can safely reach. But aside from these obvious benefits, the forehead, or in-ear features gives every parent the versatility to serve the comfort and need of every child, regardless of their personal preferences.

Clinical Forehead and Ear Thermometer
  • MEDICAL GRADE VERSATILE MEASUREMENT of kids, infants and adults in 1 SECOND, faster than conventional thermometers.
  • ENJOY HOSPITAL GRADE ACCURACY in your home, clinic or workplace in confidence due to the THOROUGHLY TESTED RELIABILITY of your health care thermometer.
  • AMAZING VERSATILITY enables you to measure ROOM TEMPERATURE and BOTTLE TEMPERATURE instantly with the press of the Ear button.
  • Push of a button allows you to take instant scans of infants and children without disturbing them in their sleep.

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Ease Of Use

The most common consumer concern with any technical device is how easy it is to use. And the Generation Guard’s Ear and Forehead infrared thermometer just like Dr. Meter FT376 medical forehead thermometer and others has been designed to make both operation and reading relatively easy.

Without the attachment, it is a simple forehead thermometer. It does not require any swiping. Simply place it in the middle of the person’s forehead, then press the “head” button. Your baby forehead thermometer will read the temperature, and within 1 second, you will have a clinicaclly accurate reading.

And then there’s the ear attachment. An ear reading will often give you a truer reading than a forehead. The drawback is that the forehead is probably easier to administer, specifically for a child. So if your patient is willing to accept the ear probe, then take this route.  Screw the ear attachment into the scanner of the thermometer (the same location as the forehead scanner. Then, insert the probe into the ear, press the “ear” bottom on the thermometer’s interface, and get your reading within 1 second.


LCD Screen

Additionally, it comes with a bright LCD screen. Often, taking a child’s temperature can be an unforgiving battle. And the best time to get these measurements is during their sleep. So rest easy knowing that you can quickly scan a temperature in 1 second. And, get the reading without having to turn on the lights. This gives the parent or caregiver the benefit of beaing stealthy, while trying to get a reading on their child’s well-being.

And not only does it offer the easy to read LCD screen, it comes equipped with a fever alertly system. If the temperature reads above a specific temperature, then the monitor will turn read, alerting the caregiver that there is something wrong with the child. But remember, a fever is a defense mechanism that is used to try and thwart invading germs. But what the body does isn’t always in our best interest. And if that temperature can get too high, then there is a serious threat to the individual. Especially if that individual is a baby.

Overall, this Generation Gaurd infrared thermometer is proves to be easier than the status quo of thermometers, and offers the ability to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit relatively easy.


Pro & Cons


  • FDA Approved
  • Provides Readings with 1 second
  • Clinically Accurate


  • 2% of reviews gave it 1 star
  • Some have claimed it to be inaccurate



Thermometer Ergonomics

There’s a trending shape and form of thermometers, and this Generation Guard Ear and Forehead Infrared thermometer falls in that trend. It is large and bulky, allowing the user to get a steady grip. But it has a subtle curve, providing the user accessibility to the end-user’s ear or forehead.

The handle has an in-line made of soft rubber, giving the user a firm grip, which give the thermometer an unique appearance with the green accent running the center. It’s similar to the ANKOVO digital medical infrared forehead & ear thermometer design.

Overall, it is light enough to prevent wrist fatigue, while durable enough to withstand some punishment.


Hospital Grade Thermometer

The most important feature of every thermometer is how well it performs under duress. Will it give accurate readings? Will it be easy to use?  Will it be comfortable enough for my child? There are all important questions when you’re feeling under weather, or when you’re trying to tend to an ill child.

Knowing this, Generation Guard’s ear and forehead Infrared thermometer is manufactured with highly sensitive sensors, allowing it to not only provide accurate readings, but offer those readings within 1 second of activation.  And this optimal performance makes this ear and forehead thermometer one of the best and most reliable thermometers on the market.

This reliability has given its users confidence in its results, making Generation Guard one of the most recognizable names in hospital settings.  It is FDA approved to be used as an infrared medical device in both consumer home, and a commercial medical-care setting.  Additionally, it is approved by the CE, Europe’s own version of the FDA.  So no matter which developed nation you’re from, rest easy knowing that you can get accurate results with this thermometer. An alternative can be the Dr. Madre digital infrared forehead thermometer.

Overall, Generation Guard has made an exceptional thermometer that thousands of parents, and hundreds of hospitals have come to confidently rely on.  Their accuracy can give you peace of mind, knowing that you’re administering the proper treatment, and their easy-to-use nature makes them an ideal tool for any parent of pediatrician trying to tend to their sick child.  Regardless of what background you come from, this children’s thermometer can prove more than functional in any temperature-reading situation.

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