iGrill2 iDevices Wireless Bluetooth BBQ Meat Thermometer

iGrill2 iDevices Wireless Bluetooth BBQ Meat Thermometer

iGrill2 iDevices Wireless Bluetooth BBQ meat thermometer for the smart cooking. Being a chef and a host has never been an easy task. When you’re operating the grill or smoker, it’s critical that the chef keeps a close eye on the food. He doesn’t want to over cook the meat. Nor does he want to under cook the meat. It’s a fine balance to secure the perfect temperature while your delicious food is on the grill.

But while the chef is conquering the meat, it’s vital to also be a responsible host. Most likely, if your cheffing, and you’re a socialite, then you’re also probably inviting an infinite amount of guests. Maybe you’re trying to get laid, or maybe you’re just trying to show everyone a great time. But regardless what you’re trying to show, it’ll be difficult to keep your focus and attention on the grill.


Why IGrill2 iDevices wireless bluetooth cooking thermometer?

iGrill2 iDevices Wireless Bluetooth BBQ Meat Thermometer, 4-Probes
  • Grill with Precision; Includes Four Pro Meat Probes
  • 150 Foot Line of Sight Bluetooth Connection
  • 200 Hour Battery Life
  • Illuminated Display
  • Proximity WakeUp

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So when the iGrill2 came to market with their wireless bluetooth probes, it solved one of these massive, party/host duality problems. Because the iGrill2 can be inserted into any cooking meat. And since there are 4 probes, you can insert them into multiple meats. And since this unit utilized the magic of Bluetooth, you can get temperature alerts sent to your phone. So while you’re out mingling with the best looking guest, you can mingle with ease, knowing that you’ll get an alert when your meat is done.

But if you have any more reservations, then consider reading this thorough review on the iGrill2 thermometer.


Review of iGrill 2 Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Every year when the summer comes, there is only one thing on our minds: BBQ season. There are very few pleasures in life as enjoyable as kicking back on the beach or by the pool with a delicious home-grilled burger in your hands.

If you’re a serious grill master, you know how important cooking temperatures are. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a smoker, or just firing up a classic brick-fired BBQ. Watching the internal temperature of your meat is the only way to ensure your food is properly cooked, but this comes with a trade-off. Every time you open the lid of your BBQ to check your meat thermometer, you let all of the heat out. This cyclical heating cycle means that your food isn’t going to be perfectly cooked, creating a bit of a catch-22 situation.

For a long time, those who called themselves grill-masters knew from experience exactly how long their food needed to cook for, and at what temperature.

IGrill2 bluetooth connection?

Thanks to technology, there is a better way. Bluetooth enabled meat thermometers allow you to check the internal temperature of your meat, without having to open the lid of your grill. In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at the three best Bluetooth meat thermometers on the market. First, we’ll take a look at each individual model and find out what it has to offer. After, we’ll help you find the one that’s right for you.

By far the best option if you want to connect your thermometer to your smartphone or tablet. iDevices have definitely learnt from their experience with the iGrill 1. They’ve completely rebuilt the app from the ground up, with much better bluetooth connectivity.

The increased Bluetooth range and improved pairing (should connect to your device in under 2 seconds) removes a lot of the frustration you experience with other bluetooth thermometers. While the 150 ft advertised range is still much less than the 300 ft range you get other powerful devices, it is now enough that you can actually go about your business without worrying about losing connection.


Having the ability to use 4 probes with a single unit is great. Easily monitor multiple smokers and / or multiple pieces of meat. One of the coolest features in the app, is the ability to name the different probes. So instead of trying to remember which probe is in the meat and which is in the grill, you can give each a custom name so that when you glance at your tablet or phone you can instantly see the temperature. A cheaper alternative could be CDN wireless probe thermometer & timer or similar models.

Using the smart device app, you can select from a list of meat/doneness choices or choose your own setting for each probe independently. An alarm will sound when that setting has been reached. Alternatively, you can set a range of temperatures, and the alarm will sound if the probe senses a temperature above or below the set limits. These settings can be saved

The iGrill 2 has a proximity sensor, so when you walk away with your device, it automatically shuts off the display on the base unit. This helps save the battery life when you are using your own device. When you walk back it turns back on. If you put your phone or tablet to sleep, then the bluetooth connection drops, so you can’t monitor the temperature any more. Not ideal if you’re smoking over night.

While the range seems to be much better for most people, we’ve still heard of people having issues. Our advice would be don’t expect great results if you plan on spending time down in the man cave. If there’s going to be a lot of walls / certain types of material between your phone and the unit, you are going to have issues.

The iGrill 2 performs excellently. This unit is capable of measuring between -22°F to 572°F. When tested in boiling water the probes are within 1 degree so it gets the tick for accuracy. The 48″ probes are a nice feature compared to most other thermometers 36″ probes. The extra length gives you a bit more flexibility for how you setup your pit.

iGrill2 iDevices Wireless Bluetooth BBQ Meat Thermometer, 4-Probes


  • It provides accurate result
  • When your food reaches the desired temperature, you receive a push notification on your iOS or Android device
  • It has a strong battery life
  • It has an excellent illuminated display
  • It has 4 probes


  • The iGrill2 has a wireless range of 150 feet, whereas other thermometers’ ranges go up to 300 feet


Final Thoughts

The iGrill2 does much more than most digital grill thermometers. This BBQ thermometer pairs with your smartphone or tablet to provide charts that track temperature change, and you can set custom alarms or receive push notifications directly on your smart device when your meat is cooked according to certain presets.

This thermometer’s temperature range is wider than most, and it has an impressive response time of just three seconds. It is for these reasons that the iGrill2 is regarded as one of the best digital grill thermometers.

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