iProvèn medical ear thermometer review – Now with upgraded lens technology

iProvèn medical ear thermometer

iProvèn medical ear thermometer can give instant bluetooth readings and accurate results.

The iProven ET-828BT is an in the ear thermometer which can transfer readings wirelessly to an app on your smart phone or other mobile device. The data is included in a format which can be uploaded to personal health tracking apps as well as being able to connect with cloud services used by professionals.

  • PROFESSIONAL Ear Thermometer - Highly accurate and precise Medical Thermometer. FDA and CE approved.
  • EASY TO USE Medical Thermometer for Home Use - With Fever Indicator
  • FREE APP: iProvèn Health - Track and Store Measurements by Connecting your ET-828BT via Bluetooth with your iPhone or Android Phone (Check our website for compatibility).
  • CLINICALLY CALIBRATED to get the most accurate reading possible. Get the same consistent accuracy as in your doctors office!
  • Clinical Digital Thermometer that can be used as Baby thermometer but is perfect for adults and elderly people as well. Next Generation of thermometers!

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The Good Stuff

In addition to all of the high-tech stuff surround this thermometer, the ET-828BT is a great overall thermometer. It can take temperature readings in just a couple of seconds, and you’ll find that it’s also quite accurate for anyone over the age of six months.

The whole affair is actually rather simple, anyone who can use an app store is bound to be able to pull this off in a record amount of time. The whole thermometer works on a single button and transmits the temperature data to the device it’s synced with via Bluetooth.

That means it’s a smart thermometer which works well even for those who aren’t all that great at handling technology. It’s a nice change of pace.

They have an app for both Android and Apple devices, meaning pretty much anyone with a smart phone will be able to take advantage of its advanced features.

The build-quality of this thermometer is quite high(use the best probe thermometer for kids if very sick), but even better you’ll find that the interface is amazingly simple to use. All you’ll need to do is turn it on with the button on the back, stick it in the desired ear and turn it on. The whole interface is designed around just one button, so as long as you have the manual you’ll be able to easily use it.

The app itself will obviously come in handy. You’re not limited to holding just a few temperatures, and it will give you a visual data graph of the temperature of the sick person over time. Talk about convenient, no need to write it down or mess with a whole bunch of other buttons in order to keep an accurate gauge of temperature over time.

Once you get the hang of it, you might not ever go back to using thermometers with in-built memories since it makes it so easy. The app itself is still improving and is likely to become compatabile with more and more health tracking apps as time goes on.

It’s a win-win, but it does come in with a slightly higher price tag than your average in-the-ear or non contact baby thermometers.


The Bad Stuff

At the time of this review the app is still somewhat limited in functionality, although the company is promising to update it. If you use, for instance, Apple Health to track your vitals then you’re not going to be able to include the temperature in there.

There’s also the slightly lower accuracy of in-the-ear thermometers compared to some other methods and it’s a little bit more intrusive to use than forehead thermometers.

Like any other thermometer, there’s a few tricks to it’s usage. You’ll want to pull the ear down in order to make sure the entry to the ear canal is straight and you’ll have to ensure the probe tip is clean each time it goes in.

There’s also one other drawback to it’s usage: the simplified interface can be a little bit too simple and it makes it easy to accidentally set it wrong when you’re booting it up. Make sure that it’s on the ear, and not the room, temperature setting or you might end up not being able to pick up a fever.

It also lacks some of the bells and whistles that are commonplace in modern thermometers like alarms or a colored LCD screen which changes to indicate the severity of the fever in the individual being tested.

It’s also limited in application for very young children, who really should have their temperature taken rectally in order to ensure that you have the best data available and don’t make a mistake at that critical juncture in their lives.


  • Get Readings Off Smart Phone With Blue Tooth Functions
  • Clinically Calibrated For Most Accurate Results
  • Great For All Bodies


  • Thick handle isn’t friendly with small hands
  • The Buttons aren’t in the best location

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The thermometer itself is good enough that it’d be recommended, but when you add in the fact that it can sync with an app to easily store data you have an absolute winner. The only thing to make sure of is that you don’t attempt to use it on children under six months.

The app is sure to improve as well, which means it’s a small investment for a product that will get better with time instead of worse. If you’re in the market for an in-the-ear thermometer, then the iProven ET-828BT is exactly what you’re looking for. An alternative might be the iProven DMT-489 medical ear thermometer with forehead function.

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