La Crosse dual clock thermometer will keep you informed on time & temp

Daily and weekly planning requires a lot of information. But one of the most overlooked pieces of information is the temperature. And although it won’t be possible to know the exact temperature a few weeks in advance, it’s still vital to know what the day’s temperature is expected to be. This will help the person dress accordingly, and bring the proper gear, to maximize his or her comfort.

But getting the accurate, out door temperature isn’t always convenient.  It’s not like using a baby thermometer. Which is why it’s great to own an indoor/outdoor dual clock and thermometer.

These common household devices come with a remote sensor that can be set up indoors or outdoors.  And as long as the receiver is within 330′ of the sensor, the user can have the current temperature reading at their finger tips.

But when there’s a wide selection. So selecting the best dual clock thermometer is going to be a challenge. But our thermometer reviews will help you decide. And here’s our review for the La Crosse dual clock thermometer.


La Crosse Technology WS-9160U-IT Digital Thermometer Review

La Crosse Technology Indoor/Outdoor Temperature WS-9160U-IT Digital Thermometer
  • Digital thermometer with wireless remote and clock.Display: 3.31 L x 0.89 W x 5.87 H,Sensor: 1.50 L x 0.83 W x 5.00 H
  • Remote sensor transmits from up to 330 feet; records daily high and low temperatures
  • Receives weather data from up to 3 sensors (other remotes sold separately)
  • Temperatures displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius; 12/24-hour time display
  • Display/receiver measures 5.86 by 3.3 inches inches; remote sensor: 5 by 1.5 inches
  • The maximum transmitting range to the temperature station is over 330-feet (100 meters) in open air, not including walls

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Nowadays, everybody is used to reading the outside temperature on their smartphone. While this is comfortable to use, it is accurate always. The best way to get the most precise weather reading probable is by owning and installing a thermometer around your home, therefore, you can know exactly what to expect before stepping out of your front door.

Wireless weather stations are very cool, and nowadays, they are being used in our offices and homes often. They assist us to watch the outdoor and indoor weather conditions, hence we can plan our day to day activities whilst also having the weather condition at the back of your mind like the Dual Clock model or La Crosse Alerts Mobile 926-25101-GP wireless monitor system set.



If you are interested in having the temperature outside your home being shown to you right inside your residence, then this is the answer to your prayers. The La Crosse WS-9160U-IT digital thermometer is the ideal option for you. Provided you are looking for an extremely reliable and accurate outside and inside thermometer, this great thermometer from La Crosse is an idea option.

The monitor is hung on the wall of your home or office, where the outside/inside temperature and the time can be seen very easily. This thermometer has a clock and wireless remote connection. Up to three remote sensors can be used with this base monitor unit, therefore it will be possible for you to see what the temperature is in 3 different locations around your office or house.


Remote sensors

The remote sensors are non-compulsory and they must be bought separately from the thermometer. The thermometer however comes with 1 remote sensor, but the other 2 sensors must be bought separately.

The WS-9160U-IT Digital Thermometer has a manual clock which displays either in 24n or 12-hour time. It will display in Fahrenheit when it is set on 12-hour time display, and it will display in Celsius when on 12 hour time display like the AcuRite dual weather station and clock model.

The display records and shows day to day low and high temperature. For you to be able to access the temperature readings, you have to press the maximum/minimum button to switch between minimum and maximum settings.

The letters MIN displayed in the left lower side of the display should be seen by you and you should also see the temperature changes accordingly to display the lowest temperatures. Then, it will be required of you to switch this button to show the maximum settings where you can read the maximum temperatures. The MIN/MAX button may have to be toggled numerous times in order to go from minimum to maximum.

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The thermometer has a very compact and nice display which measures 5.86 x 3.3 inches and the temperatures are shown in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. This thermometer can be readily taken to anywhere where you need it. It has a very solid build and it is built from strong materials.

La Crosse digital thermometer might be the cheap and ideal answer to all your temperature reading needs. It is also made in a very classy fashion, therefore it is going to look really nice anywhere it is placed, be it indoors or outdoors.

La Crosse Technology, Ltd. offers a 1 year limited time warranty to the purchaser involving manufacturing faults in workmanship and materials. La Crosse Technology will either repair or replace the product for you.


  • Very large digits to make viewing easy
  • It has a small light which winks when there is an issue about icing
  • It has a low battery indicator for sensor or display to alert you when it’s time for the batteries to be replaced
  • Up to 3 sensors can be used
  • It can be hung up on a wall


  • It can’t be hung on a refrigerator as its back is not magnetic
  • The clock on the thermometer is not atomic
  • The monitor works with batteries only. It doesn’t have AC power adapter
  • It lacks a backlight for night viewing


Final Thoughts

It is easy to know the outside temperature before going out of your door when you own an indoor/outdoor thermometer. Everybody knows that the weather reports on smartphones are not usually accurate, therefore it is great when you are able to know the exact climate around your office or house.Alternative could be Otao Humidity indoor & outdoor thermometer in the same price range.

La Crosse WS-9160U-IT thermometer is very affordable, thus buying one for you home will be very nice. It is very convenient to use and it makes it extremely comfortable to check the weather and being able to dress accordingly and appropriately.

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