LavaTools Javelin Instant Meat Thermometer

LavaTools Javelin Instant Meat Thermometer

Lavatools PT12 Javelin Digital instant read meat thermometer review. Depending on what you’re cooking, sometimes you need to know the exact temperature of the food you’re going for and the Lavatools PT12 is the perfect solution.

Despite the name, those who like to cook will quickly find that it can measure the temperature of just about anything they can fit the probe in, making this an indispensable tool for attaining a precise kitchen.


The Good Stuff

Lavatools PT12 Javelin Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer (Orange)
  • 3-4 second ultra-fast response time with an accuracy better than ±0.9°F.
  • Large 1.4 easy-to-read display and splash-proof construction.
  • Integrated magnet for convenient storage on refrigerators or ovens.
  • Meat thermometer also perfect for fryers, bread, candy, coffee, and homebrews.
  • Lifetime warranty backed by Lavatools.

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The PT12 gives you a reading down to a single degree, and it’s accurate to about .9°F so you can be sure that the reading it gives you is one that you can rely on in most instances.

The construction is pretty ingenious. It’s made of a heat-resistant polymer that will allow you to get close to the hottest materials in the kitchen without risking any damage to thermometer. Cheaper options can warp when brought in too close during high-temperature applications like fryers and the PT12’s construction would stand out for that reason alone.

There’s more though, making it perfect for any kitchen, home or commercial. You’ll find that the magnet allows you to keep it right on stove or refrigerator, an invaluable way to make sure that you don’t ever lose it. In addition, the needle sharp probe might be dangerous if left unattended, but with this food thermometer you’re in good hands since it will fold away when not in use.

The display is a crystal clear LCD that’s large enough you’ll easily be able to read it as long as you’ve got light.

The probe itself is made of food-grade stainless steel and is tapered to make sure there’s minimal damage to the food that you’re checking the temperature of. The silver coating of the probe also minimizes bacterial growth, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about it gathering bacteria over time like you would with some of the inferior competitors on the market.

It’s compatible with either Celsius or Fahrenheit depending on your preferred method of measurements as well, switching over to make sure that you get the reading that you’re looking for no matter what you’re doing.

And battery life? You’re looking at 4,000 hours of run time and an auto-shut off that takes place within an hour of your last use. Basically, you’re probably going to lose this one before you have to replace the easily found CR2032 battery it contains.

Despite the name, it does take 4-5 seconds to register a temperature reading, so it’s only a little faster than the inferior products on the market but with dishes which require exceptional timing like candy it can make all the difference.

Add in the low price point and you have something which will last for years and hold up well with minimal need for any specialized maintenance or changed batteries. This is one of the best around as far as meat thermometers go.

There’s a lot to be recommended here, and it shows in the little details that add up to a fantastic kitchen product.


The Bad Stuff

There’s really not too much that can be said to detract from the usage of this thermometer, but nothing is ever perfect under the sun.

Some people have claimed that it has trouble with accuracy, they usually measure it by boiling water however which is a bit iffy at the best of times due to the various factors that can make it boil at slightly different temperatures.

One flaw: it does take a while to cool down if you use it for a prolonged period. This can be a real pain if you’re trying to move between several different dishes that are cooking at various temperatures as the probe isn’t going to give a perfect result if it’s still hot. This can usually be solved with a little bit of pre-planning on the part of the chef however.

The probe also seems to be a bit too short for some people so if you’re testing something really hot then you’re going to want to keep the oven mitts around.

The biggest flaw is likely the fact that the LCD can’t be “held” to make sure that you have the exact temperature. Since it lacks a backlight you’ll have to be quick if you’re using it in a dark oven, so make sure the bulb in there is still good so you can avoid this problem entirely.


  • Instant readings for improved kitch performance
  • Accuracy is with 1 degree
  • Can be configured to read Fahrenheit or Celsius


  • Lifetime warranty is difficult to get honored
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While it’s billed for commercial kitchens, you might want to pass it up if that’s your intended use. For the at-home chef, however, it’s an indispensable tool that more than makes up for its shortcomings with a low price point and a fantastic design.

Adding it to your home kitchen might be exactly what you’re looking for, and remember that if you can stand the heat you can measure the temperature with the PT12. It’s not just for meat, it’s also perfect for any use that you can pull out of your imagination.

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