Lifegard Aquatics digital aquarium thermometer

Lifegard Aquatics digital aquarium thermometer secure comfort for the fish

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  • Pro: Displays both Room and Aquarium Temperatures
  • Pro: Can be used for Fresh water and Salt water
  • Pro: LED alarm for increased or decreased temperatures

When taking care of your aquarium, its important to ensure the comfort and safety of your fish and other aquatic pets and animals. They bring a lot of beauty and excitement into your household. So it’s not surprising that people will make the effort to ensure they have a habitat to grow and survive.

But selecting an aquatic thermometer can be daunting. Many of them are poorly designed. And many of them can’t handle salt water application.  But when Lifegard presented a dual room and aquatic thermometer, it conquered 2 objectives with 1 invention.

What use?

First, it can stand as a weather station for your house. Common human practice requires us to know the daily temperature. This helps us plan our days, and lets us know how we should dress for that day. Poorly selected attires can present uncomfortable days. And attires that are excellent can bring much joy and comfort.

And secondly, it’s an excellent aquarium thermometer. And it’s not restricted to only fresh water, like most aquarium thermometers like the Zacro Aquarium Thermometer. The Lifegard Digital Aquarium thermometer can read and monitor both fresh water and salt water. So no matter which aquatic pets you’re housing, you can cater to their needs regardless of which life style they prefer.

But there’s much more involved that just monitoring the temperature. But temperature is certainly one of the most vital features to consider. So do your pet right, and get the proper aquarium thermometer. And without further adieu, here’s the review for Lifegard’s Digital Aquarium Thermometer.

Review of Lifegard Aquatics Digital Temp Alert

There are different types of fish that you can keep in your aquarium, and some are sensitive to heat and cold. When you have such fish, you cannot depend on the heating system of your house. You need to get an aquarium thermometer so that it will be easy for you to check and adjust the temperature in the aquarium effectively.

You might think that the tank is just, but when there is unsuitable water temperature, this can have adverse effects on the fish and plants in the aquarium. This requires you to purchase a very durable and dependable aquarium thermometer to check the water temperature.

When you are picking an aquarium thermometer, it is advisable to look for the best model on the market so that you do not end up with a thermometer that can break inside the aquarium. The thermometers contain mercury and other lead based substances that can affect your fish if they break.

why thermometer for fish?

The water temperature in your aquarium is an extremely important thing to monitor in order to keep your fish alive and healthy. Some fish need warmer water and some need colder water, with the best way to keeping track of it being an aquarium thermometer. So it’s important to get your hands on the best aquarium thermometer you can. Thus, we have reviewed one of such thermometers for you; the Lifegard Aquatics Digital Temp Alert, which is one of the best aquarium thermometers on the market, and apart from being an excellent aquarium thermometer, it also serves as a room thermometer.

The Lifegard Aquatic “Big Digital” is exactly that – Big. The super-size 4-inch by 4-inch temperature monitor has huge easy to read LCD characters. This makes it easy to see the temperature from a distance. The Big Digital Temp Alert has a programmable alarm that alerts you when the temperature is above or below the acceptable range.

Lifeguard can send out an email or a text message if the water level in your system changes beyond an acceptable level. Float switches can be connected to detect both drops in water and overflows. This can save both your tank and your home! The unit displays both aquarium water temperature and the room temperature.

The most common causes of tank failures are temperature spikes and drops. These can be caused by a number of things including heater or chiller failures, under powered heating or cooling systems as well as circulation pump failures. Lifeguard will constantly monitor temperature and alert you at the first sign of trouble helping you avoid complete tank disasters!

Another common aquarium issue is pH level shifts. pH levels can be affected by a variety of problems and while your fish can often handle reasonable swings in ph, your most delicate coral cannot! Lifeguard will, again, notify you at the first sign of trouble. This feature is even more important if you’re controlling the pH levels in your aquarium! Lifeguard can send an email if your controller ever fails or an event happens where the controller is no longer able to regulate.


Sensor values can change quickly if your tank is experiencing a problem. In order to give you the quickest real-time sensor values, Lifeguard updates these values every 2 seconds. Sensor values are reported for temperature, pH and a single switch input.

The thermometer has a probe that measures the aquarium water and an internal thermometer that measures the room temperature. The in-tank probe has a suction cup for attaching it to the aquarium glass. These two measurements are displayed on the LCD screen.

A red LED indicates when the temperature is out of range. There are four temperature alert options:

  • High Temp Alert Only (Probe)
  • Both High & Low Temp Alert Only (Air/Room)
  • Low Temp Alert Only (Probe)
  • Both High & Low Temp Alert Only (Probe)

The Lifegard Aquatic Big Digital can be used in freshwater or saltwater aquariums. The unit can be attached to the aquarium glass or stand alone. It is powered by one AAA battery which is included.


  • LED alarm
  • ​Easy to read LCD screen
  • It is very easy to use
  • It provides accurate readings
  • Apart from being an aquarium thermometer, it also serves as a room thermometer


  • LED display would be easier to read in the dark

Final Thoughts

Every aquarium owner should look forward to owning an aquarium thermometer to ensure that the temperature in the tank is at its best. We would recommend the Lifegard Aquatics Digital Temp Alert. Having reviewed its features, along with its pros and cons, it has also been tested for durability and accuracy among other features. It provides very accurate temperature readings which is very important for the fish and the plants in your aquarium.

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