Metene digital infrared non-Contact forehead thermometer review

Metene digital infrared non-Contact forehead thermometer review

Metene digital infrared non-contact forehead thermometer. Suitable for baby, toddlers and adults and object with instant result.

The Metene non-contact forehead thermometer makes it quick and easy to take readings on children who might otherwise be quite fussy when it comes to getting their temperature taken.

Like all thermometers in its class, it takes an almost instant infrared reading off the forehead of the patient and gives you quick and fairly accurate results with the push of a button.


Metene Digital Forehead Thermometer Review

  • FAST AND HIGT ACCURATE READING: Metene non contact thermometer is a Medical Grade Instant Digital Thermometer ,1-second measurement ,faster than conventional thermometers.
  • AMAZING VERSATILITY :Metene non contact thermometer not only can we measure the body temperature, but also measure the temperature of the bottle and room
  • MUTE /UN-MUTE DESIGN:This non contact thermometer has a humanized sound setting. Baby, Toddler and Child friendly quiet mode scanning with the push of a button allows you to take instant scans of infants and children without a beeping noise that may wake them.
  • TWO MEASURING UNITS: Metene Thermometer sets up two measuring units, meeting the needs of different groups of people,users can choose the unit of measurement that they are accustomed to

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The Metene is an affordable alternative to some of the more advanced infrared thermometers on the market, coming in at a great price as non contact baby thermometer.

There are some costs to that, which we’ll discuss in a moment, but right out of the box this one is serviceable for pretty much anyone.

The simple interface is a boon for anyone who’s not used to using these kinds of baby forehead thermometers. There’s only a few buttons to mess with here and they all work pretty much as described. There’s nothing obnoxiously complicated about using it.

It takes an amazingly fast reading, and as long as you’re careful to avoid the normal pitfalls of infrared thermometers such as sweat you’re in good hands when it comes time. You can easily switch between °C and °F with the press of a button as well, allowing you to use your preferred temperature measurements.

The readings are usually almost instant, but in some special cases you might have to wait a full two seconds. That’s not much, and if you’ve never used an infrared thermometer to check a child’s temperature before then you’re in for a treat.

The main advantage of this kind of thermometer is exactly that speed. Children, and even adults, aren’t too fond of having their temperature taken with the normal types of thermometer and no-contact infrared thermometers just avoid the problem altogether. The Thermee non-contact forehead thermometer for babies is a similar product.

It only takes a couple of AAA batteries, so you’re not going to have to seek out anything specialized like you would with some of the other options available on the market. This just adds to the simplicity of using the Metene.

It beeps when the reading is done, but you can turn that off if you’re planning on inspecting a sleeping child to avoid waking them.

Add in the fact that it comes with a nice storage bag and you’ve got a winner at a bargain price.


The Bad Stuff

Metene digital infrared non-Contact forehead thermometer review

Of course, in making such a cheap thermometer some shortcuts have to be taken. Luckily, in this case, they weren’t trade-offs in the core functionality of the thermometer but instead the price comes at a lack of additional features which some people might find useful.

If you’ve been looking at infrared thermometers for a while then you’re aware most of them have alarms, and many even have LCDs which change color in order to allow you to know just how severe a fever is even if you can’t remember the measurements. You won’t find any of that here, unfortunately.

Even worse, there’s actually no backlight at all to let you read the screen in low-light conditions.

It’s also not the most ergonomic thermometer around. The smooth plastic can be prone to slipping a little bit and it’s fairly straightforward without any of the little modifications that can mean a lot to folks with hurt wrists or a weak grasp.

Some people have complained about accuracy issues, but you’ll notice this is a common thread with infrared thermometers. When you take a reading with one you have to do a little bit of “prep work” in order to make sure they’re accurate within a reasonable limit.

The biggest problem is sweat or oil on the forehead, if you’re having trouble getting a good reading then you’ll want to wipe things down before using it. This happens because the thermometer actually reads the air directly above the skin instead of the skin itself and uses an algorithm to determine the temperature it gives you based on the reading. Oil or sweat will be evaporating and cause a lower temperature in that area.

You’ll notice that most of the bad stuff here is just a lack of features and not actually problems with the thermometer itself.


  • Pro: CE and FDA Approved for Babies, Toddlers, and Adults
  • Pro: Instant Results available in 1 second
  • Pro: No Beeping – allows babies and toddlers to sleep


  • Cons: Analogous
  • Cons: Back-Lit LCD isn’t very strong



The Metene is a solid product with a fair price, but it’s not the best thermometer on the market. If it wasn’t for the low price it would be hard to recommend to anyone, but the price point and focus on making sure the core function of the thermometer is in order rather than cutting corners there in order to give more features is a good sign. Alternative can be the PREVE non contact infrared medical clinical forehead thermometer.

If you want a cheap, functional forehead thermometer then this one is definitely worth a look. If you’re looking for advanced features, however, you’re going to be rather disappointed and might want to look elsewhere.

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