MorPilot Instant Digital Wireless Cooking Thermometer

Morpilot Pro wireless Cooking Thermometer Review

Morpilot Pro Cooking Thermometer Review; There’s a gaggle of “smart” objects on the market. And many of those objects just seem to raise more questions than answers. But the sea of smart thermometers has surpassed the head scratching, by offering reliable readings at a more efficient opportunity. And now their joining the ranks of wireless cooking.

Between wireless kids thermometers, to wireless bbq smoker thermometers, to advanced hygrometers, the tech evolution has had a strong influence with thermometers.  They’re no longer tubes filled with poisonous mercury. They are now technical devices, that can read the thermal radiation, and compute that into an accurate temperature reading.

And that computed information from the thermal radiation can now travel wirelessly. Which is why the Morpilot wireless cooking thermometer is one of the top rated cooking thermometers on the market.

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Imagine hosting a big party, while simultaneously trying to cook a paleo brisket. There’s a good chance the chef will overcook or undercook the meat, due to the responsibility of socializing with the guests.  And with the Morpilot thermometer, you can mingle while cooking, because you’ll receive wireless alerts from the Morpilot cooking thermometer.

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But there’s many more features and opportunities to seize. And so here’s the Morpilot review that will enlighten your cooking and social experience.


The Good Stuff

MorPilot Instant Digital Wireless Cooking Thermometer

While it might seem to be a bit overly technical at first glance, this thermometer is actually improved by the addition of the electronics and it doesn’t detract from its usage in any way.

The way it works is this: you attach your probes to the thermometer and then run them into the dish you’re cooking. They can tolerate temperatures of up to 250°C or 482°F for prolonged periods which means that they’ll be quite usable in all but the most extreme heats. If you’re going higher than that, we’re afraid you’re going to have to go with the normal “stick and pull” method of measuring.

The thermometer itself then gives you a reading on its big, clear LCD display. That’s not all though, with multiple probes you know that the deceptively simple LCD interface isn’t the whole story.

You’ll also be able to download an app on most Android and many Apple devices which will give you a more in depth view of what you’re doing. The main feature that most people will be looking for is the fact that the Bluetooth broadcast lets you read the temperatures from up to 500 feet away with a high degree of reliability.

Start the barbeque, walk away, and have a brew with your friends. The app can be put on a timer and has some alarm settings so you’ll be able to know when your food is cooked to perfection. This makes things convenient, easy, and you’ll no longer have to babysit your food.

The app will also give you the ideal temperatures of a lot of the commonly cooked meats. You’ll have options for beef, veal, lamb, fish, chicken, and even specialized settings like smoking. You’re in good hands with this one.

The alarms go off on both the device itself and your phone, allowing you to make absolutely sure that the food is done and pulled at the right time even if you left your phone somewhere.

It’s a convenient, accurate device that can make your next food-centered gathering less labor intensive so you’ll have more time to enjoy the atmosphere and people, while still making sure your meat ends up just as perfectly cooked as if you were babysitting the grill the whole time.


How’s that for convenience?

buy the Morpilot cooking thermometerIn addition to the advanced capabilities, there’s some other stand out features you should be aware of: the probes are high-quality, thin enough to hardly do any damage to the meat, and they come with Teflon and steel coated wires which are a meter in length.

This is where the heat resistance come sin, even the best low-end thermometers aren’t able to be left for prolonged periods of time but with this baby you won’t even have to worry about it.

The handles of the probes are made of silicone, so you won’t need to reach for the mitts each time you want to move a probe. The material works well as an insulator, and you’ll find that it keeps the probes to a manageable temperature pretty much wherever they go.

It’s new, it’s cool, and you can check temperatures and get alarms up to five hundred feet away. There’s a whole lot to like with the Morpilot thermometer.


The Bad Stuff

Really, as long as you follow the instructions this thermometer seems to be pretty much perfect for most applications. Most. You’re not going to really be able to use it for a lot of things, this one’s pretty much strictly for meat and soups.

Some people have also noticed some issues with the cable holder melting… because they forgot to take them off.

Also, unfortunately, despite the amount of technology that has gone into this meat thermometer, the probes will still have to run on wires to the device. The wires run out at about a meter, so the thermometer will have to stay fairly close to the BBQ and it might be difficult to use in things like a broiler or a deep stove.

It’s also rather expensive. It’s up to you to decide if the time saved for other activities while cooking is worth the extra expense, since we all value our time differently.


  • Pro: Wireless cooking with iPhone or Andriod Phone
  • Pro: Comes with 6 probes for multiple meals
  • Pro: Comes with a 30 Money Back Guarantee if not Satisfied


  • Cons: Requires (2) AA batteries, which are not included
  • Cons: Minimal Range with BlueTooth


This is an advanced meat thermometer which is perfect for a lot of applications, particularly gatherings which center around cooking like barbecues. It’s a little bit lacking in versatility when it comes to things like cooking candy or baking, and the short wires to the probe might make it unsuitable for some people.

If it works for what you’re doing, however, this Morpilot thermometer might be exactly what the chef ordered and you’ll be cooking with an easy mind at the end of the day.

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