MotherMed floating baby bath temperature thermometer (and swimming pool)

MotherMed floating baby bath temperature thermometer

MotherMed floating baby bath temperature thermometer (and swimming pool) formed as a green fish can track water temperatur for babies and kids.

Giving your children a bath can be a stressful endeavor. Firstly, you’re main concern should be the safety of your children. And having the right baby bath temperature thermometer should be an essential item. But as any ordinary home owner, you’re also probably concerned that your rowdy kids might splash water all over the bathroom floor and walls.

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But let’s pretend that your biggest concern is their safety. And although you utilize your personal thermometer to monitor their health, it’s still important to consider other affects of high temperatures. And one of the most unforeseen safety issues is the temperature of bathwater. And although it’s relatively easy to consider after being mentioned, it’s just as easy to over look too.

But MotherMed has created a floating bathwater thermometer. This thermometer can keep track of the bath water temperature, so that your children are safe from high bathwater temperatures. But sure, if you’re pragmatic, you might think that you could just stick a cooking thermometer in the water. And although that may be a feasible idea, probing electronics might not be the best bath toy for a child.

But without further adieu, here’s the review for the MotherMed floating bath toy baby thermometer.


MotherMed Floating Bath Toy Baby Thermometer review

MotherMed floating baby bath temperature thermometer

When the terms baby and thermometer are sutured together, the first thing that comes to mind is that there is a sick child with a fever. And that thought is with good reason. However, there are other reasons why children might need thermometers. And those reasons rest inside their water hole.

The bath tub is the perfect location where hot temperatures may lurk. A parent might not give it too much consideration, but a baby should not be placed in water higher than 102° F. Their bodies are very fragile, and exposure to that type of temperature could induce a seizure. Or, temperatures that high could cause cause rashes, hives, or blisters to break out over their skin.

And obviously everyone wants to avoid any of this. So the best course of action would be to purchase the MotherMed floating baby bath toy thermometer. At first glance, the bath thermometer has a fun, sea creature appearance. And that sea creature resembles a sting ray. This appearance will help it become a welcomed addition to any child’s bath time.


User friendly

Operating the device is relatively simple. Just give it a few shakes, and the thermometer will activate. Then place it directly into the bath tub. But it’s important that the LCD screen is facing up, because the thermal radiation sensor is on the back of the device. And this sensor is what’s required to calculate the water temperature.

But after the device has been placed in the water, MotherMed device will detect the bath water, and present accurate readings so you can feel safe and assured when you place your child in the water.

And not only is the device cute and kid-friendly, but it’s also pre-programmed with alerts. If the water is too hot (exceeding 102 degrees Fahrenheit), then the unit will flash a red light, and alert you with an alarm. However, if the water is below 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit, then the term COLD will be displayed across the LCD screen. So even if you might be distracted for only a split second, this device will keep you informed in case the water is outside the recommended temperature range of 98 degrees to 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

The unit is pre-packaged with C batteries. And these are not ordinary batteries. They are specialty made, and will last up to 1 year without needing to be replaced. This design was intentional, but not for the sole reason of benefiting the owner, but also to benefit the thermometer. There are sensitive computer motherboards and chips inside the housing unit. And MotherMed would prefer that you open the battery terminal as little as possible. Because if moisture gets inside, and can cause irreversible damage to the internal electronics.

And not only is this product designed to last long, it’s also designed to keep the children and babies safe. This thermometer is BPA free, so there’s no need to worry about any toxins getting into the bath with your children.

And additionally, it can also be used outside of the bathtub. Room temperature often needs to be monitored. And when this device is shaken, and placed in any room, it will reflect the ambient temperature of that room.


But It’s Not Perfect

Even though there’s a lot to compliment, nothing is perfect. And MotherMed’s bath time baby thermometer is not one of the Best thermometers for kids. One of the biggest complaints seems to be a delayed response time. Some users have mentioned that it can take up to 30 seconds before the device can calculate the temperature of the bath water.

And it’s pretty obvious why this is a bad sign. Because by the time your children jump into the tub, they’ll be the first to tell you if the water is too hot or cold. When in reality, you’d prefer this unit to be the one letting you know.

Another issue that was brought to light was the battery. Although the battery is advertised to last 1 year, there have been complaints that it doesn’t get that much juice. And the problem is that owners are trying to open the device, to replace the batteries. And although that’s typically fine, it’s a little risky to do with this bath thermometer.


In Conclusion

Overall, the MotherMed Bath Time Baby Thermometer is an excellent tool for parents to monitor the bath water temperature. It’s fun design will make it a welcome addition to any bath, and its service and alert system will keep parents in tune with the information it offers. For better accuracy you should use Braun hermoScan 5 ear thermometer, forehead or one of the probe thermometers.

So even though it has some down sides, it still has enough to offer to justify making it a regular tool in your bath time routine.

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