NutriChef smart bluetooth BBQ grill thermometer

NutriChef smart bluetooth BBQ grill thermometer review

Cooking and barbecuing has become a common occurrence. From formal events, to holiday parties, to casual get-togethers, to every day living. Cooking is essential. But, ensuring that your meat is properly cooked is a vital component to that cooking process. Which is why it’s ultra important to include a cooking thermometer into your cooking tool bag.

Some of our best reviewed cooking thermometers include:

  • ThermoPro
  • MorPilot
  • Alpha Grillers

But even though these are considered some of our top rated cooking thermometers, they don’t offer one fascinating caveat that we’re starting to see more frequently. And that caveat is wireless like NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer.

Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer
  • TEMPERATURE MONITORING: Monitor temperatures and get alerts for your favorite dishes. Choose Rare, Medium or Well Done - Adjust and Save Custom Cooking Presets for Your Favorite Recipes
  • 32 HEAT PROOF CABLE: Leave the cable and probe inside the oven or grill while cooking. The 32 braided cable gives plenty of room to keep the Bluetooth hardware a safe distance away from heat
  • UPGRADED STAINLESS STEEL PROBES: Safely leave probes inside any oven or grill for the entire cook duration. Thermometers can withstand temperatures of up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit
  • UPGRADED 150 WIRELESS RANGE: Remote cordless grilling monitor. Get an instant push notification to your smartphone if you leave the wireless Bluetooth range
  • DONE SMARTPHONE ALARM: When the meat reaches the set temperature the Apple iPhone / Android WiFi mobile app will send push notifications and alarm to take meat from gas or charcoal BBQ, smoker or oven

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Just like everything else, thermometers have evolved from just ordinary glass tubes filled with mercury, into digital phenoms that can offer instant temperature readings. They’ve assisted many parents with sick babies and children, and have helped industrial professionals with non contact, infrared thermometers. And now these instant temperature readings can be transferred wirelessly through Bluetooth connectivity.

And although wireless temperature readings don’t appear to be too useful for parents and industrial professionals, they are the next step in smart living for the daily chef. Which is why devices like NutriChef’s Wireless Digital Cooking Thermometer is blazing trails.


NutriChef’s wireless cooking thermometer review

NutriChef smart bluetooth BBQ grill thermometer review

The act of cooking is known for inducing joy. But that joy isn’t necessarily a direct effect from the act of cooking. But more so an effect from eating a delicious meal. However, all that work required to cook that meal could be done in vain if it’s either over cooked, or under cooked.

Which is why NutriChef’s wireless cooking thermometer is considered a hero in the kitchen.

This wireless set up uses a 36″ long, heat resistant cable. And attached to the cable is a probe that gets inserted in the meat of choice.


Easy BBQ app

Once that probe is inserted, the user will need to download the app “Easy BBQ” on their iPhone or Android phone. And once the app is downloaded, the user will need to connect the app to the sensor attached to the heat resistant cable. And once the app is tethered wirelessly to the sensor, the chef will be able to monitor the temperature of his or her meal from another room.

Now, if you’re a bachelor or bachelorette, then it might cross your mind that a wireless thermometer may be superfluous. But if you’re a socialite who’s frequently hosting parties and gatherings, then you’ll quickly understand why a wireless thermometer can be beneficial.


Why wireless?

Imagine this scenario: you’re hosting a great party. And you want to impress all of the attendants with some excellent food. But you also don’t want to be a rude host, and be land-locked with the grill or stove. So this is where the wireless thermometer would prove to be an excellent tool.

Feel free to patrol your party, and mingle and entertain while your food is cooking from the other room. And do so fearlessly, knowing that when your meat is approaching the desired temperature, the wireless sensor will signal your app, which will then send you alert that you you need to quit chatting, and sprint to the nearest oven.

But these examples are just some of the few reasons why a person should commit to the wireless thermometer movement. Because NutriChef has installed some excellent features into the app.

Most amateur cooks don’t know all the recommended temperatures for meat. But this app is pre-programmed with the varying types of meats. So whether you’re cooking salmon, or a London broil, your app will automatically know what your target temperature is.

But don’t think it’s that smart. You will still need to let it know which meat you are cooking.

And sometimes, when the user has their own preferred temperature, the app can be programmed to alert the user when that meat has reached the desired temperature.

So whether the person is targeting their own temperature, or just want to go with the recommended temperature, the NutriChef app will alert the user when their temperature is met.

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But it’s not all Hunky Dory

But despite all the great advancements, new technology can come with its drawbacks. And one of the biggest drawback with the NutriChef is that there have been some infrequent complaints about connecting the wireless.

So if you’re unable to get your app to connect to the sensor, then you might as well not even have the wireless thermometer. But there might be some alternatives to that.

Firstly, the sensor can only find the app if it’s less than 60′ away. So if you expand your travels beyond 60′, then you shouldn’t expect to get the app to connect.

And as with any technology, if the person isn’t too tech savvy, then it could be easy to think that that person may be doing something incorrectly. Tech isn’t too natural, so navigating through it can be difficult for a person that doesn’t use it too often.

But overall, the NutriChef wireless thermometer has proven to be an excellent choice in the kitchen. Whether you’re a socialite looking to mingle while you dingle your meat, or just living solo, you’ll have an easy time seeing how a wireless cooking thermometer can do more than benefit you and your cooking habits.

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