Pet Magasin digital thermometer and hygrometer (Terrariums & Aquariums)

Pet Magasin digital thermometer and hygrometer review

[azrev_img_box asin=”B01KYBY2H6″ align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B01KYBY2H6″ size=”s” bg-color=”#f1511b” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]When you’re caring for fish, reptiles, or amphibians, temperature is always a major concern. But accessing those temperature readings can be a challenge. And when you also need to access those humidity readings, it can an even greater challenge. And that’s why the Pet Magasin digital thermometer and hygrometer is an excellent and impactful addition to any aquarium and terrarium.

But What Makes It So Good?

The obvious answer is its dual functionality. If you’re housing any bearded dragons, leopard geckos, newts, iguanas, tarrantulas, or any other type of reptile or amphibian, then you’ll need to monitor the temperature and humidity. And if you’ve read out post on animal temperatures, then you’ll know that your bearded dragons and leopard geckos both need about the same temperature readings.

But the additional hygrometer is what really sets this unit apart. A hygrometer is a device that measures the area’s humidity level. My dehumidifier has a hygrometer, as it alerts me when the air is too humid.

But your specialty pets don’t often come from environments that you’re familiar with. And keeping that in mind, your specialty pets need an environment that suits their needs, and not just your own.  So don’t try to feed them candy bars and ding-dongs.

But what you’re pet may require is a specific humidity level. So if you’re caring for amphibians, like poison dart frogs or salamanders, then you’ll need a humidifier rolling in the terrarium, so that a specific humidity level is reached. And the Pet Magasin Thermometer and Hygrometer is a special product, that can supply you with both readings.

Pro & Cons


  • Measures both Temperature and Humidty Levels
  • Large LCD screen for easy reading
  • Can be used for terrariums or aquariums


  • Attachment is only a sticker instead of suction cup
  • It is not waterproof, and can’t be used inside an aquarium

Large LCD Screen

Another mighty big benefit is it’s mighty large screen. The large LC screen display can help you comprehend the readings that you’re attempting to monitor. By having an easier time reading both temperatures and humidity level, you can act more nimbly when your pet’s environment is not meeting its preferred levels of temperature and humidity.

Additionally, the large LCD screen can be read through a terrarium glass. By placing the Pet Magasin Thermometer/Hygrometer inside a terrarium, you’re going to give the device a more optimal opportunity to gather the proper measurements.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with placing the unit inside the terrarium or aquarium. But be forwarned, the unit is not waterproof. So, before you try to get the best water readings for your favorite fish, you might want to hit the brakes before you submerge this non-waterproof thermometer.

Comes With a 2 Year Warranty

But, just incase you pull a dummy move, and submerge the unit into the water, then rest assured that the unit is backed by a 2 year limitedwarranty. And I do want to highlight the limitedqualifier. Because the unit is clearly labeled as not being waterproof. However, if you were to inadvertently submerge it, thinking that it can offer readings while swimming with the fish, then you might want to have a handy excuse ready. Because most likely, if you intentionally submerge it, you will void the warranty.  So if it, completely unknown to you, just suddenly stops working, then you should be able to take advantage of the 2 year warranty.

But what’s also great is in case it just simply doesn’t meet your satisfaction, or your pet’s satisfaction, then you can return it for a full refund. And that’s because Pet Magasin is so confident that their thermometer and hygrometer can exceed the expectations for you and your beloved pet, that they will put their money where their mouth is and honor the quality of their product.

But Not Every Is Fairy Tails and Rainbows…

So although this is gaining glowing reviews, there have been some noticeable opposition regarding the unit’s performance. And the most reoccurring opposition is in regards to the LCD screen. Sure, it’s a nice size screen. And under specific circumstances, you’ll have an easy time reading it. But those specific circumstances require a lot of lighting. Because there is no back light for this LCD.

There’s probably no backlight because the unit would have used too many batteries, or would have required mor expensive components. But regardless, Pet Magasin incorrectly predicted that there wouldn’t be any demand for a backlight. So if you’re checking your stats in the dark, make sure you’re bringing a flash light.

But the other obvious problem is that it can’t be submerged. Now i know we already discussed this. But if you hope to use this unit in an aquarium, then you might as well go back to to try and find different unit. Because this Pet Magasin cannot be used in water.

In Conclusion…  

No matter who or what you’re housing, having a dual thermometer and hygrometer is never a bad idea. And although we’ve been discussing using it in a terrarium or aquarium, you could actually just stick this thing against your bedroom window too. That way, you’ll have a clean idea of the room temperature, and humidity level.

And if you notice that the humidity is getting too high, then you might want to consider bringing in a dehumidifier. When you have an excess amount of dampness in a home, that can promote fungal growth, or attract critters that you’d only want in a cage.

So although the Pet Magasin Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer is advertised for the benefit of pets and animals, never forget that you too are an animal. And that your home is really just a cage. So be smart and make sure you cage is established to the proper livable conditions for your most desired needs.

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