Rectal Thermometers for Dogs

buy the best rectal thermometers for dogs

Finding a good rectal thermometer for dogs, or any other animal or livestock isn’t the most popular shopping items. However, due to the ongoing care that we share for our pets, it should come at no surprise how willing we are to shove something up a dog’s butt, to ensure it’s healthy.

But our love for our pets has taken a modernized turn from the brutal colonial days. We go bonkers to hire a contractor for pet fences, and now we’re going bonkers with pet insurance. And to supplement that insurance, we’re even putting together pet first aid-kits. And one of the biggest items we need for our dogs and other pets is a handy-dandy pet thermometer.

Which rectal thermometers for dogs?

But knowing which one to choose is a head scratchier. There are infrared thermometers. And these infrared thermometers might sound nice.  But in reality, that infrared laser beam won’t be very helpful getting past the fur. So unless you’re pet is a naked mole rat, then you’re probably not going to have much luck.

But there are ear thermometers. So if you’re dog or cat can sit still for a brief moment, and accept a probe in their ear, then this could be an option. But from our experience, pets seam to be much more sensitive around their ears than their butts.

But realistically, if you really care about your dog or cat or ferret, then finding a way to get a rectal temperature reading is going to be the best way to care for them.


The Intu-MedPet digital rectal thermometer is ideal for dogs, cats and others

digital rectal thermometer for dogsThis rectal thermometer created by Intu-MedPet is one of the best selling pet thermometers on the market. From its design, to interface, to quick results, this has proven to be one of the best rectal thermometers for dogs, cats, cows, and anything else that has an anus.

But the ergonomic design helps it stand out. Instead of being a common probe thermometer, like a few mentioned on this list, it’s curved handle helps the user access the sphincter from a better angle.  And the more comfortable it is for you, the more comfortable it will be for the dog.

And the interface is simple. With a 1-button design, the user can switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit. And it lets you select which animal you’re measuring. Because as everyone knows, each animal has a different optimal temperature that there body should be operating at.

And on top of the easy interface and ergonomics, it can get you a temp reading in 10 seconds. That’s a great time for a probe thermometer.  The benefit of probe thermometers is that they are the most accurate thermometers. But the trade off is that they usually require a lot of time spent in the orifice. And in this situation that orifice is the anus. And since you can get a quick rectal reading in only 10 seconds, that makes it much better for both the pet and the thermometer distributor.

Overall, between this one and the Pavia option, these 2 are going to be your best rectal thermometers for the dog. But there are a few others to consider on the list.



Pavia fast rectal thermometer is the most trusted by veterinarians

[azrev_img_box asin=”B0738WKBV2″ align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B0738WKBV2″ size=”s” bg-color=”#f1511b” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]Pavia is one of the most preferred pet thermometers on the market. And it’s not only preferred by consumers. It’s one of the most widely used dog rectal thermometers by veterinarians.

And the reason is simple. It can kick back results in as little as 6 seconds. In dog years, that’s nearly a minute. But that’s still a lot faster than the other thermometers on the market. And you also need to consider the comfort of the person administering the probe. Because shoving a thermometer up a dog’s butt isn’t on anyone’s wish list.

But aside from the lightning fast results, it offers an easy to operate interface. With only 1 button, the options are pretty limited. So it’s easy to figure out which direction to take. Choose either Celsius or Fahrenheit. And after you’ve set the stage, you can choose which animal you’re probing. Because each animal has a different internal temperature requirement.

Overall, if you’re looking for a veterinarian’s thermometer to use on your dog, then you can’t go wrong with Pavia’s rectal thermometer for dogs.



White Coat digital rectal thermometer is your typical cheap thermometer for dogs

[azrev_img_box asin=”B01N0R8HN1″ align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B01N0R8HN1″ size=”s” bg-color=”#f1511b” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]There’s not a lot of bells and whistles. But when taking a dog’s temperature, it should be pretty straight forward. Common probe thermometers are easy to find. And they’re easy to operate. They have a single button that gets pushed.  And then the metal tip of the probe gets inserted into the rectum of the animal.

Another benefit is the cost. Between the food, the fencing, the health, the shelter, and everything else, you spend so much on your beloved dog that it might be worth considering a mid-range product. So at $10.99, you’re getting a great rectal thermometer for your dog, without spending more than you already are on food.

But with a decreased cost usually comes a decrease in value. And that decrease in value is in the form of the thermometer. It’s a typical probe thermometer. There’s nothing fancy. In fact, this same design is found on nearly every other probe thermometer regardless of what animal, or what hole they’re entering.

So even though you’re getting a typical thermometer for a good price, there are some trade offs that may make you regret not spending extra money to get a better deal.



Cheap 2 pcs veterinary digital thermometer for pets

[azrev_img_box asin=”B01IP2R6W4″ align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B01IP2R6W4″ size=”s” bg-color=”#f1511b” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]There’s always a chance that the dog ate the thermometer. Especially if the previous experience was rectally dissatisfying. So if that is the case, then this is a great probe thermometer set, that will offer a back up thermometer in the event Rosco eats the first one.

But other than that, this is your standard probe thermometer. It’s nearly identical to the #3 White Coat probe thermometer. It has a single button that gets pushed to activate the thermometer. And it’s then inserted into the dog’s butt. And then you and the dog wait a miserable 10-20 seconds for it to beep with results.

But although it’s not offering many bells and whistles, there still a few things to adore. And the biggest one is the price. Even thought it’s practically the exact same thermometer as the White Coat, it can still be purchased for about $9. And not only is it less expensive, you’re getting 2 devices.

So if you’re on the market for a budget thermometer, you may want to consider this package deal, just in case you need a back up for your always hungry pet.



The verdict’s in…

Finding the best rectal thermometer for your dog is both easy and difficult. It’s easy because we’re just finding some medical equipment for our pet. And it’s easy, because we’re not the ones administering the probe up our butts. So in that respect, it’s sort of easy to find any type of probe thermometer.

However, what makes it difficult is knowing that this is our beloved house pet. And they shouldn’t be going through any pain or suffering at our expense. It’s also difficult, because how long do we really want to sit there, probing a dog’s butt.

So it might just be a good idea to splurge for the fasted probe thermometer on the market.

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