RenGard RG-16 cooking digital meat probe thermometer review

RenGard RG-16 cooking digital meat probe thermometer

RenGard RG-16 cooking digital meat probe thermometer review; The RenGard Digital meat thermometer is one of the top performing cooking thermometers on the market. And for good reason. It offers a plethora of options that can help any professional chef, or culinary novice, navigate their towards a gourmet tasting meal. And best of all, it’s affordable.

And not only are the options great for any user at any level, it also comes with a nice warranty that can boost your confidence, knowing that the manufacturer is will to stand behind their product.

But aside from the great features and caveats, there are a few noticeable drawbacks. But although they are noticable, those drawbacks don’t over shadow the beneficial features that attract and engage users of all skill level.


Here’s the RenGard Digital Meat Probe Thermometer Review

Whether you’re an amatuer chef, or a professional culinary auteur, you’re going to have to know how hot or cold your food is  And the best way to know that, is by using one of these top rated cooking thermometers. And in this case, one of our best reviewed meat thermometers is the RenGard digital meat probe thermometer.

There are a few different types of thermometers. There are javelin meat thermometers, which uses a folding probe. And then there are mounted digital thermometers, like this one. And there are specific benefits that one can get from using a mounted digital thermometer.


Monitor the temperature

RenGard RG-16 cooking digital meat probe thermometer

And the biggest benefit is that you can monitor the temperature of your meal as it cooks. Unlike the javelin thermometer, which requires you to open and check the temp periodically, the RenGard uses heat-tolerant probes that actually rest inside the meat as it cooks.

Then, as the temperature increases, you can get constant, on-the-spot readings of the real-time temperature is. So there’s not threat of over cooking your meat, or undercooking it.

And not only does this give the cook a competitive advantage, it can also put the meal on auto-pilot. The RenGard comes with the ability to personalize its settings and alarms. So feel free to travel into the next room to devour a book, or watch an episode of Seinfeld. Because when that temperature reaches the its programmed check point, it’ll alert the cook that their meal is prepared.

But aside from the benefits of using a mounted thermometer, the RevGard also uses a step-down probe. This makes it easy to insert the probe into the meat. Think of an ergonomic snow shovel. It’s much easier to use than a streight-pole snow shovel. And it helps the person doing the work, get that work completed at a faster pace.

And the reason it’s called a mounted thermometer is because it can mount. But what’s great about the RevGard is that it can either mount, using it’s impregnated kick-stand. But it can also be mounted onto a refrigerator, using the magnetic backing. So regardless of where the gourmet meal is being prepared, it’ll benefit the chef to position this thermometer into the best location so that he or she can have the information readily available.

The unit itself is relatively light and small. It is 2.9 H x 2.6 W x 0.8 D inches, and weighs about 82 grams. So the unit is hand-held, and won’t require more than a a conventional junk drawer to store.  The probe is 6.5″ long, and the connecting cord is 40″, giving the user adequate length to mount the RevGard almost anywhere. And the probe and wire can withstand temperatures as high as 716°F.

And with all of these features, don’t think twice about what you can use this thermometer for. Most people might think that meat is the most common item getting probed. But there are many other uses, such as candy and soup. So if you’re a vegetarian, don’t exclude yourself from enjoying the benefits of this high-end thermometer.


Pros & Cons


  • Lage Back-lit LCD Screen
  • Step Down Probe Tip Design
  • FDA Approved
  • Magnetic Back for Easy Mounting


  • Not accurate for candy or other stuff
  • No battery in package


But Thermometers Do Have Problems…

As with any thermometer, you’ll get some complainers.  nd in this case, there have been a few instances where people have complained that the temperature reading is not accurate. But you need to take that with a grain of salt. Because there is a good chance it’s a user error.  Or there’s a good chance that the item is faulty. But basically, because this is a probe thermometer, the end user can expect some of the most accurate results.

Commonly, probe thermometers are highly regarded as some of the most accurate, and dependable types of thermometers. They provide the most accurate results for sick babies and children. But keep in mind, there’s typically a discomfort associated with being probed. So your child or baby may not view you as favorably if you subject them to that type of pain.

Additionally, some have hithered dissatisfaction towards the missing battery. But that hasn’t been expressed by all the recipients and users. So that may either be a fluke, or it could a packaging error just like the ThermoWorks ThermoPop probe meat thermometer.

But regardless of the minor expressions of dissatisfaction, there has been an overwhelmingly positive response towards the RenGard Digital Thermometer.

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