Taylor Commercial Waterproof Digital Cooking Thermometer review

Taylor Commercial Waterproof Digital Cooking Thermometer

Taylor Commercial Waterproof Digital Cooking thermometer review; This thermometer from Taylor is precisely what those who find themselves working in commercial kitchens are looking for. It’s cheap, easy to use, and provides a quick reading so that you can get right back to doing what you love rather than having to wait around for the beep.


The Good Stuff

Taylor Commercial Waterproof Digital Cooking Thermometer
  • Wireless and waterproof for hassle-free food temperature readings
  • Measures temperatures ranging from -40 to 450 °F and -40 to 230 °C
  • Simply functioning 0.8 digital thermometer display can be seen from almost every angle
  • An anti-microbial housing provides added safety and hygiene
  • NSF approved & backed by a 1 year warranty

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This thermometer is made for testing the temperature of pretty much anything, with a range of -50°F to 450°F. It’s a handy way to make sure that everything you’re doing is up to standards and you’ll be able to take it anywhere since it comes with an easy to use pen-like sheathe that you can also use to prop it against the edge of a pot or in an oven.

The LCD screen is quite easy to read, since it measures a full .8” and is strong enough to be read from most angles.

Add in some super simple functioning, just stick it in and turn it on, and you’ve got a thermometer that won’t detract from your culinary work but instead enhance it since you’ll know precisely what temperature the food you’re working with is at.

Keep in mind this thermometer tends to give a better reading if you stick it in the food or liquid that you’re looking at before you turn it on like the similar Barbestar digital meat thermometer.

Even the calibration is easy, a small flathead is all you’ll need to make sure the temperature matches up with boiling water or something else with a known temperature in case you suspect it’s not reading properly.

Despite the simple design and plastic housing for the electronic portions of the thermometer, you’ll find that it’s quite durable. Many have said they’ve accidentally left it where it’s gotten hard or dropped it, only to be surprised that it still works just as well as it did out of the box.

The probe is quite thin as well, so you can take your reading in expensive cuts of meat without worrying about whether or not you’ve ruined your meal.

Add in a year-long warranty from the manager and you’ve got a convenient, easy-to-use probe that can stand up to the rigors of a professional’s kitchen. Add in a stunningly low price, and you’ve got the perfect companion for measured cooking.


  • Temp ranges are -40° F to 450° F
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty
  • Anti-microbial housing cas


  • Some customers have claimed only ~ 150′
  • Some people have claimed inconsistent results

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The Bad Stuff

There’s a few issues with the design that some people might find disconcerting, but you’ll have to look at how little you pay for it before you get too angry.

The first thing most people will notice about this thermometer is the fact that the rubber door which houses the lithium battery can be a little bit problematic. It’s just not a perfect solution, although it does make it handy to change things out when you need to.

You really shouldn’t leave this one in an oven either, the plastic housing is durable but it’ll still react to heat. Most people have said this only causes minor cosmetic issues, but it’s best to keep it in good shape and not risk it.

While it can be calibrated, the calibration is a bit finicky and it might be hard to get it to an exact calibration. You’re likely to run a degree over or under, which is acceptable for most uses but can drive a perfectionist a bit crazy.

You’ll also need to keep in mind that it’s not completely waterproof, it should be able to stand up to some splashing or other mishaps but if you drop it in the pot it’s probably going to kill your thermometer.

It also takes about fifteen seconds to get up to speed when you go to take a reading. Not the best if you’ve only got a few seconds to get the reading and need to get on to the next dish as smoothly as possible.

It can also be a bit unwieldy to stick to the sides of pots since there’s no clip for that purpose. This means you’ll have to hold on to it in order to make sure that you’re taking your reading and not dropping it in any liquids.



It isn’t the most advanced or hardiest thermometer to hit the kitchen, but for the price there’s really not much to complain about. It’s perfect for the home or commercial kitchen which is primarily concerned with cooking meats.

If you’re operating a kitchen with a little more pizzazz, or something that’s under greater scrutiny, then you might want to consider this Lavatools Javelin Instant Meat Thermometer, or even this top rated ThermoPro TP20 meat thermometer.

If you’re stuck on trying to cook candy or making sure your fryer is up to temperature, however, you may be better off spending a little bit more money and going with something else. It’s not the accuracy, so much as the longer readings and the fact that dropping it an inopportune time can cause the unit to malfunction.

If you just need to occasionally check temperatures, however, you’re definitely going to be pleased with the performance to price ratio.

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