Thermapen MK4 javelin thermolin review – Waterproof & good reviews

Thermapen MK4 javelin thermolin review

The ThermaPen MK4 javelin thermometer is consistantly ranked as thee best javelin thermometer on the market


  • Pro: Auto Backlight that Turns on Automatically in low-light conditions
  • Pro: Waterproof
  • Pro: Display Rotates Automatically For Left or Right hand Use

When trying to master the kitchen, it’s vital to have the best tools within arms reach at any given moment. And when trying to cook the best BBQ brisket, or the best smoked meat(best smoker thermometers), then you’ll need a great cooking thermometer by your side. And ThermoWorks has created some of the best thermometers on the market.

Cooking can be a massive undertaking, especially when cooking for a party or a swatch of humans. And when you have the proper equipment, it makes it infinitely easier to manager a properly cooked meal that can satisfy everyone’s hunger.

Undercooked foods can threaten the well-being of anyone attempting to eat the meat. But overcooked foods can threaten everyone’s appetite. So a well-seasoned chef needs to find that middle ground so the food is perfect.

And my utilizing a javelin thermometer, the chef is on his way to create the perfect meal to please his guests. And javelin thermometers come in many varieties. But the Thermapen is one of the best varieties, do to the rotational javelin and LCD monitor.

And not only can it rotate to fit the needs of a left or right handed person. It is also water proof, making it perfect for every kitchen application. But although it does come with a steep price tag, it is engineered and designed with many features that make it better than the competition.


Review of Thermapen® Mk4

Every kitchen that sees regular cooking should have a reliable thermometer for food safety and better cooking. If you have only a slow, analog (dial) thermometer, you need to upgrade.

Digital thermometers quickly inform you of what’s going on inside your food. With their needle-like probes, they can report when dishes have reached safety temperatures, or optimal doneness, without their being cut open and losing juices.

If you have been cooking a long time and you have great instincts, you don’t need an instant-read thermometer for most of your meals. But even professional chefs like taking the guesswork out of dishes, especially meats, on occasion. For beginners in the kitchen, a good thermometer is a necessity to avoid overcooking steaks, undercooking fish or chicken, and learning the baseline timing of their stove and skillet.

The ThemoWorks Thermapen Mk 4 is the latest version of a product that has long been considered the gold standard of cooking thermometers. The Mk 4 has the original Thermapen’s shape and basic operation, but includes several new features that have become fairly common on high-end instruments: automatic backlight and rotating display. A alternative in same price and quality could be the Alpha Grillers javelin meat thermometer or AnPro instant digital cooking thermometer.


Fast readings

With readings in 3 seconds, the Super-Fast Thermapen is one of the best thermometers in the world when it comes to speed and accuracy. Advanced technology makes the new Thermapen Mk4 even more intuitive than previous models. Hold it in any direction and the display automatically rotates right side up so you can read it in any position in either hand, straight up or down; read temperatures without cocking your head.

The Thermoworks Thermapen Mk4 knows when it’s dark and turns on the backlight for you, making it easy to read at dusk or in complete darkness with maximum battery life. Or, just touch the sensor window anytime with your finger and the display lights up. Leave the probe open and the Mk4 stays on while you use it. Set it down, and Sleep Mode saves battery power. Pick the Mk4 up, and it turns on again instantly. Close the probe when you’re done cooking and the unit stays off for storage. High-tech, intuitive, fast and accurate.

The unit is powered by a single AAA battery which is available everywhere and is user-changeable. The display is larger and rotates as the orientation of the thermometer changes, giving an upright display to the user. There is a sensor that detects low light and automatically illuminates a back light for ease of reading in the dark. The unit will automatically shut itself off if left sitting; the timeout is user-adjustable. The unit will turn back on automatically if it is picked up as long as the probe is extended. The user can choose whether the unit reads to the nearest degree or nearest tenth of a degree. The case is now IP67 rated, meaning it’s waterproof for all intents and purposes.

Ten colors are available that correspond to some food-industry standards aimed at preventing cross contamination of foods. So a red unit might be used to check raw red meat, a blue unit might be used for raw seafood, and a yellow unit for raw poultry. This may or may not be important to you.

Like all ThermoWorks products, the build quality is excellent. This thermometer just feels well made. The instructions are clear and complete. The manufacturer’s contact info is found in the manual, and it is covered by a two-year limited warranty.

The best thermometers in the world are known for high accuracy, and this thermometer is not different. If you are the type who cares, deeply, about the difference between meat cooked to 125 degrees Fahrenheit versus 130 degrees Fahrenheit, or have other cooking projects that demand to-the-degree accuracy, the Thermapen Mk4 is the thermometer you should opt for.


  • Auto-Rotating display intuitively flips right side up in either hand, any position
  • Automatically activates backlight in low light conditions or turns on any time with touch of sensor window
  • Increased water resistance. Now waterproof
  • Always on during use, sleeps when set down. Wakes when picked up
  • Inside the battery compartment you can lock the display position, disable sleep mode, set °C or °F, 1° or 1.0° resolution
  • Up to 3,000 hours. More common AAA battery
  • Same speed and performance, and still NO buttons!


  • Price is expensive


Final Thoughts

Is the ThermaPen Mk4 a necessary tool? Will it make you better chef? Of course yes. The ThermaPen MK4 so far has absolutely proven to be an incredibly durable, accurate, and super-fast thermometer! If these are things you value, then perhaps the ThermaPen MK4 is something you should consider. You were looking for an excellent cooking thermometer that would make you a better cook? Then you should worry no more, because the ThermaPen MK4 ticks all the boxes.

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