Thermee non-contact forehead thermometer for babies review

Thermee non-contact forehead thermometer review

Keeping children and babies calm is very challenging when they’re sick. They won’t sit still for anything. They won’t allow you to offer them medicine. And the fight tooth and nail to prevent you from taking their temperature.

And once the fighting concedes, and the reckless child falls asleep, the flustered parent is pretty reluctant to try and find out what their ailing toddler’s temperature is. But when you’re armed with a no-contact thermometer, you’re confidence meter starts to rise, and you’re filled with a little more certainty that you can aid your child they way he or she is supposed to be. But you know this could never be done with the help from Thermee non-contact forehead thermometer for babies.

  • Latest Non-Contact Infrared Technology allows fast and accurate readings without disturbing your child.
  • The Thermee features a Fever Alarm which Triggers with both an audible and visual signal when a fever is detected.
  • Highly rugged, even for an accurate and complex medical device. See this unit in your pediatricians office.
  • Large and Bright Display can be easily read even in dark rooms and without your glasses.

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Here’s How Thermee’s Non-Contact Baby Thermometer Ranks

Thermee has created a unique and interesting non-contact baby thermometer. No contact thermometers are usually a name only provided if the thermometer is intended for people. However, a “non-contact” thermometer can also be referred to as an infrared thermometer, or a laser thermometer, or a thermo gun. But regardless of what you prefer to call them, infrared thermometers have a cult following, due to how the operate.

But non-contact thermometers work just like infrared thermometers. They use a concentrated laser, which reacts with the thermal radiation emitted from the surface of the object as non-invasive thermometer. And in this case, the object is the baby or child.

And Thermee’s no contact thermometer utilizes these same principles. It emits a concentrated laser, that computes the temperature by reading the thermal radiation from the child. And this allows you, the concerned parent or guardian, to get your accurate readings.


2-button interface

But being no-contact isn’t the only feature. Thermee’s digital no contact thermometer is very rugged. It has a 2-buttoned interface, making the device simple to use. But each button is covered in siliconized rubber, which allows the buttons to pressed a multitude of times without breaking. And not only can they be pressed, but it can also survive a drop without any signs of damage.

But assuming that you’ll be using this while a child’s sleeping, it’s be designed with a backlit LCD monitor. This monitor is perfect for dark rooms. But not only is it bright, it also has large print, which can help the user get the readings without needing any glasses or spectacles.


Tunes & alert

But in case your child is awake, you can use some preprogrammed tunes to help calm them down. And not only will these tunes help seduce the child, its also preprogrammed with a fever alert. So if your child’s temperature is hitting dangerous temperatures, then Thermee will alert you, so that you can know if you need to rush your baby or child to the hospital.

The shape of this no-contact thermometer is fairly standard. It only weighs 4 ounces, and measures at about 4′ W x 2″ D x 6″ T.  So in case you have to travel, it won’t be too cumbersome to bring on your journey. Or, if you have petite hands, there’s no need to worry about it getting too heavy.

And the versitility can’t be mentioned enough. Whether you’re trying to take the temperature of a child, cat, or even bathwater(best baby bath thermometers), this unit can prove beneficial. There’s not many limitations to what temperature can’t be measured. However, that’s not to imply that Thermee’s no contact thermometer is perfect.


Pros & Cons


  • Get Temperatures While children or Baby is Sleeping
  • High Sanitation
  • Large and Bright Display for Easy Readings


  • Only shows skin temperatur


Thermee Has It’s Flaws

The biggest flaw isn’t inherit with the device. But, instead, that flaw is embedded with the product’s design. Thermal thermometers, or non-contact thermometers, can only measure the surface of the object in question. And although this may not sound like an issue, when dealing with humans, it’s actually pretty important.

A person’s internal temperature is going to offer the best reflection on how ill that person or child is. But when you’re only getting the surface temperature, the user can only know what the skin temperature is. So although Thermee’s no contact thermometer has a nice concept, it’s not going to provide you with the temperature that you truly need to know.

If you’re looking for the best temperature for your ailing child or baby, then you’ll want to consider one of these rectal thermometers(the best thermometers for kids here). Now, you’re not alone in thinking that this procedure may be uncomfortable for both you and the child. However, this is the closest you can get to receiving an internal temperature. And when you know the internal temperature of that object in question, then you’ll be better prepared to help that person.

But aside from that, Thermee’s non-contact thermometer is more than novel. It can help a struggling parent who’s dealing with a sick child. And although its temperature readings aren’t as accurate that you’d need them to be, you will get temperatures that are close enough to the real thing. And only if you’re child or baby is in serious pain, should you then consider one of those rectal thermometers.

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