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buy the best thermometers for kids

Finding the best thermometer for kids is a challenge. Firstly, you, as the parent or care-taker want to make sure that the thermometer is providing the information you need to make an informed decision. After all, bad or inaccurate information is pretty much useless. However, you can’t just consider the parent’s intentions. Because the child is the one getting the his temperature taken. So from the child’s perspective, comfort is going to be the modus operandi.

From the parent’s perspective, a probe thermometer for kids is going to be their preferred thermometer. Probe thermometers are well known for their accuracy. And the reason for their accuracy is simple: they get inserted inside the body. Commonly, they are inserted inside the mouth, armpit, or butt. And these internal readings give the parents a more accurate idea of what the child’s temperature actually is.


What are the best thermometer for kids?

But although probe thermometers are the best option for parents, it’s not always the preferred option for children. And mostly because they’re very invasive and uncomfortable. Getting probed in the mouth or butt isn’t the mot comfortable experience. And to add salt to the wound, probe thermometers require more time to calculate readings. So not only are these thermometers getting inserted into unwelcome locations, they also need to be in those locations for as long as 20 seconds! No wonder kids get squirmy.

And there are options. Ear and forehead thermometers are great alternatives. They can offer fast results in as little as 1 second. And no contact baby thermometers are literally noninvasive, as they can compute temperature readings without contact. But the trade off is that they aren’t as accurate as probe thermometers.

So overall, the decision should be made between both the parent and child, so that both parties have their concerns considered. And here are 5 excellent thermometers for kids that considers the parent’s need for accuracy, and the child’s desire for comfort.


Innovo Medical FR201 Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer with Silent Mode

Innovo Medical FR201 Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer with Silent Mode – Digital Temperature and Fever Alert – CE and FDA Cleared
  • RELIABLE AND ACCURATE - Clinically tested and proven to be reliable and accurate when used in accordance to instructions.
  • NON-CONTACT - Non-contact measurement method prevents cross-contamination. Suitable for all ages - infants, children, adults and the elderly. Safe and hygienic.
  • ONE SECOND READING - One button operation displays readings on the screen instantly within one second. Switches easily between Fahrenheit and Celsius and between Silent and Audible mode.
  • MEMORY RECALL - Can store and recall up to 20 previous readings.
  • PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL EQUIPMENT - Recommended thermometer by doctors and pediatricians. Comes with a portable and lightweight carrying case for protection and convenience.

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Quick & Non- Contact Readings: Kids don’t like foreign objects in their personal space hence a thermometer that takes quick readings within seconds without even touching them is the best choice.

Innovo Medical FR201 Thermometer does just that by using infrared technology.

ou can keep track of up to 20 readings previously taken on this device for future references.

his device gives you fever alerts when the temperature readings you’ve taken exceeds the normal body temperature.


  • The quick and non-contact reading method eradicates all chances of contracting any cross-infection.
  • It gives you the freedom of switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius according to your preferences.
  • The device is designed to help you conserve battery life by turning off the display screen after 10 seconds of stand by.

If your child finds rectal and ear thermometer invasive and uncomfortable then this product is best for you. It is quick and efficient as well as safe to use.



Withings thermo can extract a kid’s temperature without contact

Withings / Nokia | Thermo – Smart Temporal Thermometer, FSA-eligible, Suitable for Baby, Infant, Toddler and Adults
  • FSA-ELIGIBLE ITEM - If you have a flexible spending account with your employee health plan, no doctors prescription is needed to purchase a Thermo smart temporal thermometer
  • HIGH PRECISION - Thermo has 16 infrared sensors that take over 4000 measurements to provide a highly-accurate result
  • QUICK & EASY - Ultra-fast measurement with color-coded fever indicator
  • SANITARY - Non-invasive measurement
  • AUTOMATIC SYNCHRONIZATION - Data from every measurement and health advice appears in the Withings Thermo app automatically via Wi-Fi (iOS and Android) . iOS compatibility (iOS 8 and higher), Android compatibility (6.0 and higher)
  • MULTI-USER FRIENDLY - Up to 8 users can access their personal temperature history with the ability to share with their health professional
  • Clinical accuracy: ±0.2°C (±0.4°F)
  • Nokia Health is now Withings. Same products, same team, same commitment to your health. For more information, contact our support.

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Withing Thermo is on the cutting edge of technology. And with its noninvasive, and innovative way of collecting a child’s temperature, it’s quickly become a parent’s favorite gadget.

By using an innovative temporal scan technology, the Withing Thermo smart thermometer can scan a child’s temporal artery (the main artery in their forehead), without coming in contact with the child.

The benefit of this is that it’s helps keep the child calm, without imposing any discomfort. And what’s great for the parent is that it can offer fast and accurate information, without interfering with the quality of results.

But another futuristic feature that makes this thermometer feel like it was dropped off by Marty McFly is that if can sync with your smart phone. After taking a reading, the results can be transferred into the Withing Thermo App. And once on the app, the end user can retrieve previous readings, and conclude the child’s progress.

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Kinsa Elmo thermometer can offer comfort and accuracty

Kinsa Sesame Street Elmo Smart Ear Thermometer
  • Designed to make illness easier on parents and kids

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Everyone loves Elmo. And the Kinsa Elmo thermometer makes it easier for parents to calm their children, and get the temperature reading they need. But sometimes, even with a new world ear and forehead thermometer, it can be difficult to achieve.

So when Kinsa, a top selling children’s thermometer manufacturer was able to license the Sesame Street rights to their top selling ear and forehead thermometer, it was a child’s and parent’s hay day.

Elmo is well known for his friendly and comforting behavior. So when his image get published on Kinsa’s ear thermometer, it was a nice surprise for both parents and children.

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Kinsa smart stick digital thermometer works with your smartphone for smart results

Kinsa Smart Stick Digital Thermometer
  • SMART DIGITAL THERMOMETER to take accurate readings ORAL, RECTAL or UNDER ARM temperatures. Great for babies, children and adults. Temperature readings complete in seconds and with your iOS or Android smartphone. No batteries required so youre not fumbling looking for those expensive batteries!
  • EASY TO USE with a BUBBLE-POPPING GAME to keep squirmy kids still, a FLEXIBLE TIP for comfort
  • GREAT THERMOMETER FOR FAMILIES ON THE GO: light, easy portable and incredibly durable smart baby digital thermometer. NO BATTERIES REQUIRED and easy to clean with soap and water or alcohol swabs.
  • PEDIATRICIAN RECOMMENDED THERMOMETER that exceeds standards for professional accuracy and is cleared by the FDA.
  • MORE THAN A THERMOMETER Kinsa provides real-time guidance on what to do next gathered from trusted sources such as the Mayo clinic and Cleveland clinic. TRACKS HEALTH HISTORY for each family member.

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Kinsa also makes an intelligent smart stick. Which acts as a probe thermometer. Which means it’s the best.

As we’ve mentioned in practically every baby thermometer post, probe thermometers are going to offer the most accurate results. However, the trade off that improved accuracy is that they are slow to get you details. And the Kinsa Smart Stick thermometer is no different.

After you offer your child the Kinsa smart digital stick thermometer, you’ll get readings in about 10 seconds. 10 seconds isn’t a lot of time, but in the world of thermometers, that’ll get you last in the race.

But Kinsa makes up for it by combining their smart thermometer with their award winning app. Just like with their ear thermometer, the results will be relayed to the user’s smart phone (except through a USB cord, instead of a wireless transfer).

But once that information is relayed to the app, you can customize the results, by including other symptoms, so that their smart app can offer insights on what steps you should take to ensure your child’s healthy and happy.

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The Summer Infant pacifier thermometer is great for fussy babies and concerned parents

Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer, Teal/White
  • Fever Alert glow feature indicates fever and beeps when readings are complete
  • Memory feature recalls last reading to help monitor childs progress
  • Comfortable orthodontic nipple
  • Protective cover included for clean storage or travel
  • Measure both Fahrenheit and Celsius

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Babies are much more difficult than children, most of the time. And this pacifier thermometer will make it easier collecting that temperature reading, while also keeping them calm.

Summer Infant pacifier thermometer offers an easy-to-use, functional interface. And the application couldn’t be simpler. This is a rare occasion where being invasive is preferred by the child. Because the child is most likely still nursing and enjoying that oral fixation.

But this pacifier, although cute and easy to use, may not always prove to be the best solution. If the child is too old to be taking pacifiers, then it’s obviously pointless. Or, if the baby doesn’t like pacifiers, then there’s another reason why this won’t be the best solution.

But overall, even though this pacifier thermometer looks a little gimmicky, it’s still a good choice to consider if you are dealing with a pacifier-loving baby.

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Dr. Madre talk thermometer has a no contact function that keeps kids comfortable

Dr. Madre Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer For Baby Infant Toddler Child and Adults FDA Cleared
  • INFRARED THERMOMETER - Non-contact digital thermometer provides most accurate and consistent results
  • BEST BABY THERMOMETER Forehead instant read thermometer for kids or adults is touchless and painless
  • MEDICAL THERMOMETER DIGITAL reading or talking in English, Spanish, or Silent mode laser thermometer
  • FOREHEAD THERMOMETERS - Best infant thermometer for fever monitoring with backlit LCD display
  • TEMPORAL THERMOMETER Adult and Seniors temple temperature scanning digital thermometer medical accuracy

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Infrared thermometers aren’t just for industrial use. They can also serve well for kids. And Dr. Madre’s no contact thermometer can comfort children, and get parents the readings they need.

It’s obvious why this no contact thermometer would be preferred by children. Firstly, there’s no contact. By using infrared technology, this thermometer spits out a laser beam. And when that laser beam comes in contact with the child’s forehead, it detects the thermal radiation, which then computes that radiation into a temperature reading.

And this is great for the child, because they can get their temp without being probed. The only draw back is that it may not tell the whole story.

Infrared thermometers get their readings from the surface of an object. And in this case, that surface is the skin of the child.  So that temp reading will only reflect the temperature of the skin.

But that reading should be close enough so that you can get an accurate idea of how sick your child is. But again, for devices like this, is why probe thermometers are always recommended to be the most accurate thermometer. Even if they aren’t as fast and comfortable. Check out the Dr. Madre digital infrared forehead thermometer review.



Dr. Trust Infrared Forehead Temporal Artery Thermometer with Color Coded Fever Guidance

This smart thermometer tells you whether the temperature you’ve recorded is normal or exceeds normal body temperature with the help of green and red screen light.

This thermometer serves more than one purpose as it not only records your body temperature but by switching the mode, you can measure the temperature of an object as well.

The device is clinically tested and approved by experts. It is CE and FDA certified for its credibility and efficiency. One of the best baby thermometers but also very exspensive – It cost quite a fortune but you get high quality for the price.


  • The temperature unit conversion may seem like a simple feature, but it helps people from different parts of the world.
  • This device comes with a one year warranty that can be further extended to six more months by registering on the website, fifteen days prior to the expiration.

If you don’t like to work your brain every time you take a temperature reading then these devices are suitable for you. It tells you whether the reading you’ve taken is normal or not almost instantly.



SOPTOOL Digital Baby Adult Infrared Thermometer

With the help of this technology, you can take a body temperature reading without touching the patient. It is quick, accurate and safe.

his particular thermometer has an extensive memory that enables it to recall 32 previous readings without any error.

ot only the body, but you can also measure temperatures of objects like the milk you’ll be feeding your baby or water for bathing your baby.

ust like some of the above-listed thermometers, this thermometer also lets you know your recorded temperature isn’t normal by changing its backlight from green to red.

The manufacturers of this product have more than just words to validate its efficiency claim as it is tested and approved by experts. It has certifications from RoHS, CE and ISO13485 and Hospital Grade.


  • The unique design of this thermometer allows you ease in taking readings as it is convenient to hold and point.
  • Once again, the use of infrared Technology helps you avoid unsanitary contact with other people’s infections.

The extensive memory makes your life a lot easier as you will be able to track your baby’s fever readings without noting it down anywhere.

Furthermore, you can also recalibrate its temperature settings if it deviates from the expected result.



Easy CareEC-5022 Infrared Thermometer with 2 IN 1 Measurement for Ear and Forehead 

The manufacturers of this product claim that the product is made from 100% waterproof material. Moreover, it comes with a hard case that provides it with added protection.

Though it uses infrared technology to measure the body temperature it has a dual mode as well. It can read forehead readings as well as ear readings too. One of the best baby forehead thermometers but also one of the most exspensive. The price for this Easy Care thermometer is high.

You can take a temperature reading with just a simple press of a button and the reading will be visible in clear numeral on the large display. The temperature unit can be chosen according to your preference.


  • As we’ve mentioned before, the non-contact feature minimizes the chances of cross-infection.
  • The last reading recalls feature helps you to keep track of your kid’s body temperatures.

The dual mode of this device gives you the freedom to choose the most preferred method by your child. The device is simple yet efficient to use.



Sahyog Wellness Multi-Function Non-Contact Forehead & Ear Infrared Thermometer

It has an ergonomic design along with infrared technology that allows you to take quick measurements within a few seconds without touching the subject.

The temperature range for this device is 93.2° Fahrenheit to 109.22° Fahrenheit that is 32° Celsius to 42.9° Celsius as you can measure the temperature in two different temperature units.

In order to take an accurate reading using this thermometer, this device needs to be in the proximity of at least 5cm to 8cm of the subject. Furthermore, there needs to be a 15 seconds interval between one reading and the next.

An infrared thermometer without the feature of memory recall is incomplete. That is why Sahyog Wellness didn’t forget to add this feature in their thermometer for the convenience of their users.


  • This product is designed to conserve battery efficiency by limiting its unnecessary use. If your device is left on standby for more than 60 seconds, then it will be automatically turned off.
  • There is no chance of contracting any cross-infection as it never comes in contact with the subject’s skin.

This thermometer is one of the most accurate thermometers you can find for your family in the market. To prove its effectiveness, it has a certification from the FDA that is enough to put all your worries at rest.



The verdict’s in.

Kids thermometers are a tough purchase, because it needs to appease both the child and the parent. But the child and parent have alternative motives, making the product search difficult. The children want something that’s quick and painless. But the parent wants the most accurate temperature readings. And both desires will come from different types of thermometers.

But there are some alternatives to keep both the child and parent satisfied. And after browsing through the available options, it should be obvious that those options are both affordable, and highly rated. So the parent and child can rest easy, knowing that their health and concerns are the forefront of the thermometer innovation.

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