The ThermoPop is the best probe meat thermometer by ThermoWorks

ThermoPro ThermoPop probe meat thermometer

The ThermoPop is one of the top selling probe meat thermometer on the market


  • Pro: Vary accurate
  • Pro: Fast Readings
  • Pro: Automatically Shuts off for Extended Battery Life

Working with food can be fun, exciting, and challenging. And that’s because overcooking and undercooking your food is a very common threat. But when you’re properly equipped with some of the most trusted cooking tools in the industry, then you’re going to perform better than market expectations.

And when you use any tool crafted by ThermoWorks, then you can trust that you’re going to get the best results from your efforts. And that’s the story with ThermoPop. This probe thermometer has one of the best reputations in the industry like Thermapen MK4 javelin thermolin and likes. Between it’s lighting fast response time, and the industrial design to withstand constant use and excessive temperatures. Every user can maximize his productivity, knowing that he has a reliable meat thermometer.

Because although cooking is fun, there’s many challenges. And ensuring that it’s properly cooked to the right temperature is a hurdle that can interfere with the joy that should come from cooking. But probe thermometers are a common cooking tool. But they can vary in performance. So when you use the ThermoPop probe thermometer by ThermoWorks, you can cook with confidence, knowing that your meal and meat will be fully cooked to your expectations.


Review of Thermoworks Thermopop Thermometer

I love those TV chefs who poke at steaks to see if they are done. Cute, and with a lot of experience relatively effective, but the simple truth is, if you want to know if something is cooked, you are going to have to check its temperature. Health departments require it of real chefs and restaurants, and you should require it for the safety of your family and guests. I good food thermometer should be accurate, fast, and easy to read and operate, and one of such thermometers is the Thermopop Thermometer. It is widely known for being fast, accurate, and easy to read and operate.

This food thermometer advertises initial temperature response in five to six seconds, though it only takes a bit longer to get a full temperature reading. In our testing, it took us an average of 7.4 seconds to achieve a full readout, which is one of the fastest times we clocked. A slight gap between the manufacturer’s response time and the time it takes to get a full readout is typical, as the advertised times usually refer to the time it takes to get an initial response from the thermometer, which measures just a percentage of the actual temperature. The probe registers temperatures between -58 and 572 degrees Fahrenheit, with an accuracy rating of within two degrees of the actual temperature up to 248 degrees. This is a fairly wide temperature range compared to other models we reviewed, but the accuracy variance is just average, as most models have similar capabilities just the popular ThermoPro TP-16 LCD cooking thermometer.

This is one of the best meat thermometers due to its convenient design. It 4.5-inch probe is long enough for large cuts of meats or pots of soup or broth. However, it isn’t too long and still remains compact and easy to store in a drawer, since a probe protector is included. The thermometer is also easy to use. The digital display can rotate in 90-degree increments, so you can read temperatures at most angles, even upside down. This is especially helpful if you’re left-handed or trying to measure food temperatures in odd positions, like reaching a turkey in the oven without pulling it out.



Its display is easy to read thanks to its tall, bold numbers. The thermometer is even equipped with a backlight that you can turn on for 10 seconds as needed, allowing you to better read temperatures for food still in the oven. The fact that it turns on and off helps to conserve battery life. The device also has an auto-off functionality that turns off the thermometer after 10 minutes of inactivity. The meat thermometer uses a CR2032 battery, which gives hundreds of hours of use on a single charge, but isn’t as easy to find as a AAA battery that powers other thermometers.

The exterior of the display is lined with material that is easy to grip, even with two fingers, so it never feels too thin or uncomfortable to hold. The TX-3100 comes in nine colors, complete with a matching cover for the probe. The probe cover includes a pen clip so that you can attach it to a folder or even your pocket. The seals and buttons are molded into the body as part of its splash-proof and durable design. Though this instant-read thermometer’s construction is intended to withstand the rigors of varying temperatures, it isn’t meant to be left in the oven or on a grill. Although it’s IP66-rated, which means it’s protected against dust and splashes of water, it shouldn’t be immersed in water.

This meat thermometer is built for durability. It is protected with a two-year warranty, and the manufacturer can be reached by phone, email and web chat if there’s ever a problem. The warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by wear and tear, such as if the probe is accidentally bent. After you talk with the claims department, they’ll determine whether the damage is or is not covered by the warranty.


  • Very accurate for ice and boiling water and roast beef
  • Very easy to use and read
  • Very quick to give a reading
  • Automatically shuts off to save battery life
  • This thermometer has a sturdy construction


  • Coin required to install batteries
  • It is somewhat heavy


Final Thoughts

The ThermoWorks Thermopop Thermometer is a compact thermometer, but it is packed full of features. It is among the fastest and most accurate cooking thermometers available on the market, and it is the easiest to use. Features like backlighting or changing the angle of the digital display add to its convenience. Whereas other thin thermometers are difficult to hold because of their diminutive size, this device is designed to be easy to hold and comes in a variety of colors. If you are serious about wanting an excellent cooking thermometer that does everything you need, then this is the one for you.

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