ThermoPro TP-16 LCD cooking thermometer

ThermoPro TP-16 LCD cooking thermometer

The ThermoPro TP16 LCD cooking thermometer is a great, inexpensive option for those who like their thermometers to be digital. It’s a simple, easy to use thermometer that really does come in at an almost unbelievable price.

If you’re willing to eschew some of the more advanced features that can be found in this competitive arena, then give this one a good look over because it might be absolutely perfect for your needs.


ThermoPro TP-16 cooking thermometer review

  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY! REGISTER your product after purchase and RECEIVE EXTENDED 3 YEARS Warranty
  • Cook mode - ThermoPro bbq grill thermometer ideal for the oven, smoker or stove-top. Programmable alert with preset temperatures for specific foods recommended by USDA. Can also set temperature manually
  • Timer mode - Digital kitchen timer features countdown and countup ability, up to 99 hours, 59 minutes
  • Temperature range - Both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. Range: 32°F to 572°F (0°C to 300°C). With high accuracy: 1° resolution, ±1.8°F/1°C
  • Easy operation - Accurate oven meat cooking thermometer with 6.5 food grade STEP-DOWN tip design stainless steel probe to get temperature precisely and quickly. 40 stainless steel mesh cable connects thermometer to base, outside of oven

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It’s a simple design, a plug-and-play probe which reaches into your meat and means an absolute minimum of hassle is the first thing most people will notice. The handy magnet on the back ensures that you can keep the unit within a close enough proximity to the food to ensure that you can run the probe.

The probes themselves are well designed as well, with a step down design that lets you probe thinner meat without doing much damage to them and holding them in place so you can ensure that your next mouth-watering steak is cooked to perfection.

The probe come with a 40” wire, so it’s long enough to reach almost anything without being too likely to tangle when you get it back into storage. The probes have a lifetime warranty, and they’re likely to outlast the thermometer as a whole.

Right out of the box they admit it’s not perfect, but for most applications being with 1.8°F is more than close enough. Even if you’re using it to test something which is highly sensitive to temperature like candy you’re in good hands.

The timer can be set for up to 24 hours and the probes can withstand up to 716°F so you won’t have to worry about breaking them just like the ThermoPro TP03 digital cooking thermometer. If you’re planning on cooking meat it comes with a variety of preset alarms which can help to eliminate some of the micromanagement from your day of cooking as well.

All of this comes with a simple to read, large LCD screen so you won’t need to put your glasses on to make sure you’ve got the correct data. The interface is simple enough that pretty much anyone can use it as well, right out of the box it’s readily apparent which buttons do what and how to get the job done with an extraordinary amount of ease.

The warranties are great. The electrical part of the unit is covered for a year, and your probes are covered for a lifetime. If the probe develops any problems, contact the manufacturer and they’ll replace them free of cost. That’s a pretty good deal and proof that they stand behind their product.


The Bad Stuff

The buttons are up top, let’s get that out of the way. This can make it a bit unwieldy to use until you get used to it and you’ll have to memorize the functions if you have it mounted and need to change something. It’s a small design flaw, and for the low price it can be forgiven, but it can still be rather irritating.

Some people have also had problems with the magnet. It seems that in some cases it’s just not quite strong enough to hold the unit completely vertical. You can fix it by attaching a stronger magnet to it before you put it on the oven or by bracing it against the door’s handle but it’s something of an oversight.

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There is, of course, also the fact that it’s not 100% accurate. No thermometer really is, but most have a smaller margin of error.

It also lacks some of the more advanced features you see on newer digital meat thermometers and it only supports one probe which is kind of a drawback if you’re cooking multiple meats at once or want them done at different levels of readiness.

The presets also seem to be a little bit off from common knowledge, so you may want to do your own research and set the temperatures how you think things should be done. It’s minor in some cases, but poultry is set at a whopping 185°F instead of the usual 165°F which can be a pretty big problem.


  • Pro: Comes with a Life-Time Sensor Probe Warrenty
  • Pro: Countdown Timer and Alarm
  • Pro: Probe and Wire can withstand Temps as high as 716°


  • Cons: Less than 6% of Amazon Reviewers gave a 1 star rating
  • Cons: Slightly invasive with the probe and wire

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For the price, the ThermoPro TP16 simply can’t be beat. It’s hard to find even a quality analogue thermometer that can stand on its own two feet in all situations within this range, so it stands on its own in that category.

That said, the low price does bring some difficulties with it. Most of them are simple design problems, such as the weak magnet, which can be worked around. If you’re looking for a surprisingly cheap and accurate digital thermometer for food to add to your kitchen it’s perfect, but there are better options if you’re looking to make a serious investment in your kitchen.

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