ThermoPro TP60 – Digital Hygrometer Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

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Indoor and outdoor thermometers and hygrometers have acquired a lot of hyper fodder. But when you’re dealing with exceptional products, like ThermoPro’s TP60, you can have a little faith. Because knowing the outdoor temperature or indoor temperature is a critical bit of data that can help us plan out days. But another piece of information is how humid it is. Humidity can encourage airborne spores, which can promote undesired allergies. So knowing the humidity is an important step for anyone with allergies.


  • Pro: Comes with ThermoPro’s 5 Year Money Back Warranty
  • Pro: Hygrometer & Thermometer in 1 Unit
  • Pro: Can be mounted on table top or wall

And this is one of the many benefits of being prepared before leaving your home. So having the proper indoor outdoor thermometer will help keep you safe and happy. But knowing which thermometer to select is a critical step. Some come with warranties. Others come with large, LCD displays, while others don’t perform as reliably as one would hope from a product.

And that’s why it’s wonderful that ThermoPro created this indoor out door thermometer. ThermoPro is one of the premiere thermometer developer and designers. Their bread and butter are bbq and smoker thermometers. But when they decided to enter the indoor outdoor game, the consumers rejoiced.  And one of their most popular and well received units is their TP50 model.

It offers all the bells and whistles that a temp-hungry consumer would be eager to know. And it provides a 5 years warranty. So in case you get too rambunctious, you can sleep easy knowing that this unit can be easily replaced. And without further adieu, here’s the indoor outdoor review.


ThermoPro TP60 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Review

ThermoPro TP-60S Digital Hygrometer Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Humidity Monitor, with Temperature Gauge Meter, Wireless, 200ft/60m Range, Thermometer & Hygrometer
  • Buy without risk! - Thermopro TP60S digital indoor outdoor hygrometer displays temp and humidity for both inside and outside simultaneously【1 YEAR WARRANTY! REGISTER your product after purchase and RECEIVE EXTENDED 3 YEARS Warranty】.
  • Wireless humidity meter thermometer measures indoor outdoor temperatures and humidity percentages, can display the readings from up to 3 outdoor remote sensors 【additional 2 sensor (ASIN B072BY1M2V) can be ordered】to monitor different locations. Temperatures display in °F or °C
  • All time/24 hours MAX & MIN humidity temperature and humidity percentages records. Temperature trend arrows indicate whether its getting warmer or colder near remote sensor.
  • 200ft/60m remote range, with strong signal penetration humidity monitor gauge (enhanced 433 MHz); Tabletop or wall-mountable design, Powered by AAA battery (included).
  • TP60S Indoor outdoor thermometer humidity gauge ensures proper temperature and humidity control, which has important skin, allergen and other health benefits, can be placed in baby room, home, nursery, hatchery cellar, basement, warehouse and greenhouse.

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Monitoring the humidity and temperature of your house or condo is crucial to maintaining a healthy and comfortable atmosphere in your home. If you happen to live in a place with low humidity content, you could get a humidifier in order to maintain proper humidity levels throughout your rooms. But humidifiers don’t include humidity monitoring tools, so you need to know when you should turn them on or shut them down.


Too little humidity could cause irritation in your nasal tract, cracking in your lips, skin allergies, etc. Too much humidity means that your skin will feel sweaty and it could result in great discomfort, especially during the nights. You may also think that temperature monitoring is not that important, since you may already have tools for that, such as your thermostat. Digital hygrometers (home temperature and humidity monitoring devices) are more accurate at measuring temperatures, and include features such as temperature and humidity alarms, constant monitoring, data storage, etc.

They also include calibration to reduce error factor, and are a great asset to any home located located in areas that experience extreme climate conditions. Looking for the best digital humidity and temperature monitor? Thermopro TP60 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer and Humidity Monitor  may be what you are looking for as it is undoubtedly one of the best, and it is solidly built device, highly accurate, as well as extremely popular among customers.

Grade sensors

Thermopro indoor outdoor humidity monitor gauge equipped with professional grade sensors is a perfect choice to get accurate measurements. Making use of TP60 digital thermometer hygrometer to ensure proper room humidity control has important skin, allergen and other health benefits by inhibiting the growth of mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mites and other asthma inducing agents, perfect for you to improve room comfort and keep health.


Thermopro TP60 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer and Humidity Monitor is a very useful tool and it has clinically proven to be a versatile instrument for keeping the ambient conditions of your home in check. Thermopro TP60 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer and Humidity Monitor is well built and has a beautiful finish, and it is also filled with several features offered by this class. Such features include indoor humidity and temp, digital time, max and min records and a transmission range of up to 200 ft

This breath-taking device serves as a thermometer and also as a humidity monitor and it includes humidity meter, Fahrenheit Celsius, 12H/24H time and also features a digital alarm clock. Thermopro TP60 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer and Humidity Monitor tells the levels of humidity in the room so that something can be done about it, especially important for children, and as well as people with respiratory issues.

Also, this amazing device features high & low records, meaning that the digital thermometer-hygrometer displays the highest and lowest temperature and humidity readings measured in the past. It is very simple to use and features a variety of mounting options. It stands upright for tabletop and it is also wall-mountable.

The Thermopro TP60 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer and Humidity Monitor has a very compact and nice display, and the temperatures are shown in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. It has a very solid build and it is built from strong materials. Thermopro TP60 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer and Humidity Monitor is the perfect answer to all your temperature and humidity reading needs. It is also made in a very classy fashion; so it is going to look really nice wherever it is placed.

To top it all, Thermopro TP60 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer and Humidity Monitor comes with 100 percent risk free satisfaction guarantee which would allow you to buy the thermometer confidently, knowing that it has a guarantee in the event that something goes wrong. We are fairly positive that you will love this thermometer and will also recommend it to several other people.


  • Displays high and low records for past 24 hours and for all-time
  • Convenient mounting feature for every type of room

  • It is easy to use

  • It includes optional backlight and simple touchscreen

  • It comes with a 5 Years Warranty

  • Low battery indicator

  • It has a sturdy built

  • It provides accurate results

  • It has a bold, easy-to-read LCD display


  • It is not waterproof

  • It is not shockproof

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Final Thoughts

So normally, although the thermometer and humidity monitor seem like needless and unreasonable plaything for people who have much money and probably do not know what to do with it, nevertheless, they have proven time without numbers that they are beneficial to production, safety, and health. So, regardless of where you come from or your background, the Thermopro TP60 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer and Humidity Monitor  can be really beneficial and useful equipment regardless of what you want to use it to prevent and your environment.

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