Trerice BX9140307 adjustable angle industrial thermometer review

Trerice BX9140307 adjustable angle industrial thermometer review

The Trerice BX9140307 adjustable angle industrial thermometer is one of the finest industrial thermometers on the market.

These instruments are precision made, and once installed they’ll provide an almost instantaneous temperature reading using their liquid-in-glass technology.


Trerice BX9140307 Adjustable Angle Industrial Thermometer Review

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Trerice is really the main brand that those who work with industrial thermometers will mention.

This one is constructed from high-quality aluminum and has a 9” stem, making it perfect for a wide variety of heavy duty applications. The mercury in the bulb is heated by graphite flakes within the stem and will provide rapid temperature measurements.

The dark blue powder coating of the case keeps it durable in even the harshest environments and the angle of the stem to the case can be moved in order to make sure that you get the optimal placement at the end of the night.

This is strictly an industrial tool, there’s a reason for the high price tag after all. When it comes to serious applications you need the greatest amount of accuracy possible and, as usual, Trerice delivers.

The thermometer is accurate to within one scale division, giving you an insane amount of accuracy that simply won’t be seen with a lesser thermometer.

The tube itself forms a lens to magnify the markings inside the case. This makes for easier readability than you’d otherwise be able to accomplish while maintaining a fairly small profile that makes it easy to fit anywhere.

The 3 ½” stem can fit into most thermowells offered by the brand as well, allowing you to place it in even harsher environments than it would normally be able to withstand. This makes it one of the best you’ll find for a wide variety of applications and it’s one of the most used instruments in the world for these kinds of purposes.

This one will measure from 30°F to 230°F. Others are available to suit differing ranges.

In this application range, you’ll find that it comes with an acrylic front to the case itself which can withstand temperatures of up to 300°F in case something goes wrong with the process or device it’s being used to measure.

Thanks to the tough construction, the ability to angle the stem, and the stem length it’s hard not to recommend this one to anyone who has need for a serious, heavy duty thermometer that needs to be accurate to an amazing degree. It simply can’t be beat for most applications.


The bad about Trerice thermometer

Trerice BX9140307 Adjustable Angle Industrial Thermometer, 9

The only truly bad thing about this line of thermometers is the fact that an aluminum stem cannot withstand a corrosive environment very well. Luckily, if you need to use it in one you can purchase a thermowell which is suitable for the substance it will be emerged in to protect your thermometer.

The rest of it’s drawbacks are just inherent to what it’s designed for. This thermometer is designed for a fairly small range of temperatures and you’ll need to find the correct one if the temperature range doesn’t fit into what you need it to do.

Luckily, Trerice makes thermometers for just about any range of temperatures and each is perfect for its own application.

Some people will undoubtedly be concerned about the mercury which is held within the bulb as well. The substance has developed a nasty reputation over time, and not without good reason. The case is tough, but not invulnerable and a sudden break can lead to the substance being scattered in an unsafe manner.

The stem length can also be problematic for some people if it’s not long enough for the desired application of the thermometer. You’ll need to pick a different one out if 3 ½” is too short for you, but it’s good enough for most applications.

Lastly, the price on this one is pretty steep for a stationary piece of equipment. The Trerice BX series is designed to be permanently mounted in one location, so you may end up needing quite a few of them depending on what you’re planning on using them for. The expense involved can add up quite quickly if you need a half dozen or so.


  • Rugged and Dependable
  • Strong Cast Aluminum Casing
  • No Beeping – allows babies and toddlers to sleep


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This is a great industrial thermometer. In fact, you should probably try to find a Trerice product to suit your needs regardless of what temperature range you’re planning on functioning in. There’s one for just about everything, but the BX line is the one that most people will be familiar with at the end of the day.

Simply put: it’s perfect for what it does.

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