UEi Industrial Folding Pocket Thermometer – UEi PDT650 might for you?

UEi Industrial Folding Pocket Thermometer

Sometimes, you just really need to know the temperature. This is particularly common for people who are working in the HVAC trade or food service, where just a few degrees can mean a world of difference. The folding probe means it will fit right in your pocket, and that little bit of utility can mean all the difference.


UEi PDT650 Thermometer Review

UEi Test Instruments PDT650 Folding Pocket Digital Thermometer
  • The product is easy to use
  • The product is durable
  • True-RMS for accurate measurement in all applications
  • -58 to 572-degreeF (-50 to 300-degreeC)
  • Folding temperature probe
  • Built-in magnetic mount
  • MIN/MAX record
  • Auto power off

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The PDT650 is shockingly accurate, usable in anywhere that a tenth of a degree might really matter. Researchers like them, HVAC technicians like them, and they find a place in commercial kitchens pretty frequently as well.

The folding probe means it can go in pretty much any pocket without any difficulty as well, making it extremely portable while you’re out and about. It’s got a clip for easy use as well, making handy to grab if you’re the type to keep your pockets crowded.

The magnetic mount makes it ideally suited for some purposes. You can simply mount it to the side of an oven, duct, or refrigerator and walk away, before coming back to make sure that you’ve got your reading.

The PDT650 is suited for nearly anything, it has an impressive temperature range to say the least. You’ll be able to accurately measure temperatures from -58 to 572 Fahrenheit. That’s a pretty impressive range, and more than enough for anything you want to check on that you’d even want to consider getting within touching distance of.

It’s durable, being constructed of high-quality plastic and it’s pretty likely that you’ll lose it before you experience any failures. The battery has an auto-turn off as well, so you won’t suddenly find it dead if you leave it on and stick it back in your pocket.

The MIN/MAX record feature will allow you to measure temperature over time as well, so you’ll know the specific range that a temperature is running in over a duration of time.

Add in a three year manufacturer’s warranty and you’ve got some good stuff on your hands. The company will cover any failures that occur within that period.

It’s convenient and reliable, as well as giving you accuracy to a tenth of a degree which is more than enough for most applications.


The Bad Stuff

UEi Test Instruments PDT650 Folding Pocket Digital Thermometer

Unfortunately, the PDT650 also has some flaws to balance out the good stuff.

The big thing here isn’t obvious from looking at it: it’s not waterproof. While that won’t matter for most applications, the fact that it will short out in water is definitely not a good thing for most people.

Now, you can still measure water’s temperature with it, but you can only expose the probe to the liquid or you’re going to have a failure that the warranty isn’t going to cover. Keep that in mind if you’re thinking about using one for work.

The other really big flaw that’s sure to turn people off is the amount of time it takes to read a temperature. Most people claim it can take up to a minute to record a temperature, which is a bit long if you’re just trying to make a quick reading to get the job done.

While it does have a pocket clip, a lot of people will want to keep it in their shirt pocket and the orientation of the clip will prevent you from doing so comfortably. This one is most likely going to have to go in a hip pocket in the pants in order to be comfortable.

There’s also no way to calibrate the unit if you’re finding it to be inaccurate during your measurements. This can be a fatal flaw for something that someone wants to use regularly for work, although it seems that they’re fairly accurate for the most part.

There’s another unfortunate issue hidden from sight as well: the interior components are fairly cheap. You wouldn’t expect circuit wizardry at this price point anyways, but the soldering is obviously of low quality and some people worry that it might break while the probe is folding in and out.

The latter would be an issue that should be covered under the warranty, but for the price you might not even want to bother if it’s been working for several months beforehand.


  • Pro: Can detect temps as low as -58 F to 572 F
  • Pro: Excellent for HVAC, refrigeration, and food service industries
  • Pro: Comes with 3 year warrenty


  • Cons: Some customers reported slow reading
  • Cons: It is not waterproof for an industrial product

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The UEi PDT650 is a solid product, if you can get over the flaws inherent in it’s design. It’s accurate and capable of being taken almost anywhere, and the magnetic mount generally makes up for the slow readings which it gives you since you can leave it in place while it’s reading.

If you want a super high-quality thermometer, this isn’t what you’re looking for. If you want something that’s field-durable, super cheap, and fairly accurate for reading temperatures if you’re not in a hurry, however, there’s few on the market that can even compare.

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