TempTraq intelligent baby fever monitor with wireless alerts

TempTraq intelligent baby fever monitor with wireless alerts

[azrev_img_box asin=”B01L9GV66U” align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B01L9GV66U” size=”s” bg-color=”#f1511b” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]As a parent, there are many challenges that face us daily. Some of the challenges are financial, or relationships, or work-related, or many others. But of those many challenges, none can be as difficult as dealing with a sick child. Which is why the TempTraq intelligent baby fever monitor with wireless alerts helps bring peace when we’re confronted with a sick child.

Sick children are the worst. And it’s not only because it’s an unpleasant experience for everyone. But because it’s also tough watching a little kid go through the misery of being ill. And when we’re the parent overlooking this, we want to be on high-alert in case the illness gets worst. And being able to constantly monitor that illness is going to boost our confidence as parents and caretakers.

Which is thy the TempTraq is a perfect smart thermometer solution. There are many great wireless, forehead, and ear thermometers on the market. But none of them can offer constant temperature readings. The TempTraq is unique because of its wireless patch, which relays information to your smart phone. And it will alert you if the temperature is reaching new heights.

So when the struggles of care-taking are becoming too much, you can rest easy knowing that the TempTraq is available. And here’s an in-depth review on how the TempTraq thermometer can ease your life.

Review of TempTraq wearable smart thermometer

The word “tech” now refers to more than just a device that sits on your shelf at home or one that you carry in your pocket. Tech is wearable, and it’s everywhere. There are fitness trackers, smart watches, smart clothes, virtual reality headsets, children’s toys, and much more.

So, it’s no surprise that we’re starting to see wearables tailored for infants and their parents. Adults aren’t the only ones that can benefit from modern tech. Imagine being able to check on your newborn no matter where you are? A system that allows this might send alerts to your smartphone the very second their heartbeat or breathing patterns turn abnormal. It might also inform you about how much sleep your baby is actually getting, and what the quality of that sleep is. These scenarios are all possible thanks to wearable tech.

Why the Intelligent baby fever monitor?

A baby with fever? Irritated. A baby being poked and prodded by a thermometer in the armpit or in the toosh? Really irritated. But that’s the thing about temperatures. You can’t take them once. They are a moving target, a symptom of something else. You need to monitor and track and that is exactly what TempTraq does.

A single TempTraq patch can be used for 24 hours. Over the 24 hour period, it will track your child’s temperature, keep you abreast of the situation, log a record to your smart device using Bluetooth, and you can even share that record with others like your baby’s pediatrician.

TempTraq is made of soft and comfortable material like other wearable patches. It is waterproof and stays in place. The TempTraq is a disposable adhesive bandage, a little smaller than a playing card. Inside is a thin and flexible battery that you can’t even notice, plus a few other electronic parts for measuring temperature and transmitting the results to a smartphone connected via Bluetooth.

You might want to check out the Fever Scout wireless patch thermometer also.

For who?

TempTraq is meant for infants and small children, sticking to their skin as easily as an oversized Band-Aid. It fits on the baby’s side, just below the armpit. Anyone who’s ever spent time with a small child knows that the minute you actually want that baby to suck a pacifier is the same minute he or she spits it out. The TempTraq’s design is very smart because it’s not only securely in place, but also difficult for a child to peel off.

After opening a patch, pressing a small button activates the thermometer and Bluetooth functions. It’s clearly marked and comes with succinct instructions. Once activated, you’ll feel a little pop beneath the button, an excellent but simple feedback mechanism that lets you know you’ve correctly enabled the TempTraq. From the time of activation, the device is good for 24 hours. After that, you throw it away.

The App

You need to download the TempTraq app for iOS or Android. You can’t use TempTraq without it. The app also has succinct and clear instructions for pairing the patch to your phone. As a first time user, it should not take you more than two minutes to set it up.

TempTraq records a child’s temperature continuously for 24 hours and plots it in the companion app. The app alerts you when the temperature goes above a threshold that you set, though it’s preset with a default. This won’t track the illness from start to finish, unfortunately, but it might be all you need for that one day when you’re worried your little one’s condition might get worse.

The app lets you use more than one patch at once, if you have multiple children to monitor, and you can name each patch in the app to keep track of them.

The TempTraq app gives you an area to keep notes about what kind of care was given and when, such as a cooling bath or baby aspirin. These notes can help caretakers and healthcare professionals know exactly what the sick child experienced and when.

The device is comfortable and really does provide peace of mind to you as another “set of eyes” upon your family. Real time biometric data is important and can help you, as a parent, to remember when meds were given, when they had an event (accident, bathroom use, feed, etc)


  • Convenient way to monitor an infant’s temperature
  • Easy to use
  • Good app features
  • Can manually track medications given and other data


  • Connection between thermometer and app dropped frequently in testing
  • Patch loosened with sweating

Final Thoughts

If, in the course of your child’s infancy, you had to use two, three, or four TempTraqs, the $50 to $100 would be well spent. While no one wants to have to use one, when a fever strikes and you want to monitor your kid closely and continuously, TempTraq is currently the best way to do it. Until a better device is finalized and comes to market, parents should consider keeping a TempTraq on hand. An alternative can be the Withings Thermo smart thermometer.

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