Zacro LCD digital aquarium thermometer best selling product (review)

Zacro LCD digital aquarium thermometer review

[azrev_img_box asin=”B01C6PE4G2″ align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B01C6PE4G2″ size=”s” bg-color=”#f1511b” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]If you’re looking for an easy to read digital thermometer in order to keep your aquarium in tip-top shape, then the Zacro LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

This cheap, no-frills attached thermometer is specifically designed with a submersible probe to help you make sure that you can know the exact temperature the water is sitting at.

Zacro LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer Review

The first thing most people will notice about this thermometer is the price. It really does seem a bit too good to be true, especially considering you can order a second one for only a couple of extra dollars.

The LCD screen is undoubtedly the best feature of this digital aquarium thermometer, it’s large and easy to read. This makes it ideal for those who find glass thermometers to be too hard to read.

The whole interface is amazingly simple. All you need to do is drop the probe in your tank and press the power button. The only other thing you need to worry about with the interface is whether you want your reading in Fahrenheit or Celsius, which can be changed with a small toggle switch just under the display.

It’s amazingly accurate, you can trust it to ±.3° or so. This makes it ideal for those keeping temperature sensitive fish like discus and can remove any worries quickly and easily.

Zacro LCD digital aquarium thermometer review

There’s a suction cup attached to the probe which will allow you to place the probe exactly where you want within the tank and makes your job easier since all you’ll need to do is power the display on and off when you’re taking temperature readings.

The small size of the device makes it a discrete way to take the temperature of the water without taking away from the display you’ve undoubtedly worked so hard on as well. This is a huge advantage over many of the traditional glass thermometers and allows for a more seamless look within the tank if you place the probe carefully.

This means that not only is it accurate, it’s also a useful way to maintain the aesthetic integrity of your display. Don’t compromise the look of your tank, instead you can make sure the wire and probe are mostly hidden without having to move the hardscape too much.

It can’t be emphasized enough how much value you receive for your dollar with the Zacro. Deals like this are hard to find, and you can do a lot worse while spending more money.

The Bad Stuff

No thermometer is perfect, but the disadvantages that the Zacro presents are small enough that most owners of aquaria will be able to easily overlook them.

One of the main disadvantages is the fact that the LCD display is not backlit. This means you’ll need to turn a light on in order to get your reading. It’s really not a big deal, but it can be a bit of a pain if you’re looking to check the temperature in the middle of the night.

The design of the thermometer itself isn’t waterproof either, so be careful not to get it wet. This seems like a pretty big oversight for a digital thermometer designed to be used with aquariums, but only the truly clumsy will ever find an issue with it here.

There are also some complaints about the battery life. To maintain a long life on the battery you’ll want to turn the thermometer off after you’re done using it, otherwise it’s not going to last very long.

The battery is also an LR44, which isn’t ideal for those who live a long ways from an electronics store. If you’re prone to forgetfulness you may want to order an extra battery with your thermometer, since you can’t just run to the nearest convenience store to replace them.

Of course, all of these are minor quibbles when it comes down to the sheer usefulness of the device as a whole and most owners won’t have any issues.


  • Comes with Submergable Waterproof Probe
  • LCD monitor for easy readings
  • Best Reviewed Digital Aquarium Thermometer


  • Only Probe is Waterproof
  • No backlight for the LCD monitor


The Zacro LCD Digitial Aquarium Thermometer is almost the ideal digital thermometer for those keeping fish. While other cheap options run the risk of being highly inaccurate, this one is accurate enough for keeping nearly anything while being small and discrete enough to not detract from the look of a high-end tank.

Pretty much anyone who keeps aquariums with a temperature requirement will be able to find a use for this handy little device, and it’s cheap enough that even newbies on a budget will have no problems adding one or two to their collection of equipment.

We strongly recommend this one, it’s ideal for pretty much any aquarium, whether you’re keeping goldfish or discus. The price can’t be beat and the quality is simply amazing, give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed.

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